Hashoo Foundation is not closing office in Chitral

Apropos a news item titled “Hashoo Foundation urged not to wind up from Chitral” published in ChitralToday on Sept 6, 2018,  Hashoo Foundation on Friday issued the following statement:
“Hashoo Foundation categorically denies these reports and does not concur with the assumptions mentioned in the article.

HF will continue to further the vision of Mr. Saddruddin Hashwani, the founder of the Foundation, to reach the underprivileged especially the people of Chitral.

Mr. Murtaza Hashwani, Chairman of the Foundation is following his father’s lead in a very effective manner, and has placed great importance on support to the people of Chitral. In fact, he is establishing the Hashoo Hunar Training Center in Chitral to empower the local youth through employable skills and entrepreneurship training.

The article itself highlights and appreciates the contribution of HF in various fields but at a certain point emphasizes more on rumours or assumptions, which are at direct odds with the Hashwani family’s public-spirited efforts.

Chitral remains one of the top priorities, and Hashoo Foundation has no plans to wind up as mentioned in the article under discussion.

However, there are certain major stumbling blocks not only to our projects but also to other national and international NGOs. The Hashoo Foundation, continues with its legacy and puts in place other ventures beneficial for the locals of Chitral, it has only modified its regional office design.”

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