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Students join ‘Plant for Pakistan’ campaign

CHITRAL: Additional Deputy Commissioner Minhasuddin along with his team visited the Aga Khan Higher Secondary School Chitral to plant saplings on the school’s campus as an activity of government afforestation drive.

The ADC was given a presentation by the principal about the activities and achievements of the school prior to the plantation activity.
Students of AKHSS join govt plantation drive in Chitral.Specific identified places inside the campus were used to plant trees. The principal, faculty members and student representatives (School House System HRs & CRs) accompanied the guests in planting trees.

Each representative student was allowed to plant a tree and was given the responsibility to care, nourish and water the plant to maintain its growth. The ADC thanked the school for providing the opportunity for their visit and the activity.
AKHSS Chitral is in forefront in creating awareness for environment protection, preserving nature and biodiversity.

Periodically, various programmes were arranged by the school by involving various government agencies/departments like forest division, wildlife, administration and civil society organization to further the cause of environment protection. Every year the school dedicates June 5 to the planet earth, where full day activities are pursued to give awareness about environment protection and the importance of the environment for human survival.

Moreover, the school also observes all international days which are in any way linked with the environment, climate and biodiversity.

On August 2, the plantation activity in the school in collaboration with district government was one of such activities of the school, which was materialized to support the government drive for plantation throughout the country. — M. Jalaluddin Shamil

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  1. shamul Haq says

    you have helped saving life of earth by planting is one of our SLOs.

  2. Helen Randall says

    Planting trees is very symbolic. This is one few things common for all cultures and religions. Good for these students to start a new year with giving life to trees.

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