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The demon of suicide in Chitral

By Shaheen Ullah
The menace of suicide is increasing very rapidly in Chitral and has become one of the deep-rooted social crises and getting more alarming day by day. From historical perspective, the area has been culturally and traditionally very rich, the cohabitation of people under the vicinity of same geographical space and cultural sphere with norms, mores and values have always been very conducive for people to live a happy and prosperous life. As per general analysis at the current time issues of mental health such as psychosis, neurosis, schizophrenia, tension, anxiety and frustrations are on the peak among the young generation and its negative repercussion is there in the shape of the rising suicide cases.
Currently, it has got immense impotence to explore the demon of suicide within the area otherwise it is becoming a trend which later on cannot be easily curbed. There are many factors for suicide which can be probed by social scientists and psychologists. People commit suicide because of egoistic approach, poverty, lawlessness, mental illness, drug addiction, depression, isolation, unjust treatment by family members, higher social expectations in education and job market etc. Now coming toward the specific problem of suicide in Chitral, the region is exposed to modernization and globalization. With this, suddenly the expectations of the new transition are also changing compared to the traditional approach. The changes in political, social and economic structure of Chitral have disconnected the function of social institutions between the individual and society. Spiritual and moral fracture and then breakdown of communication and the social contact are diminishing.
The trend of globalization has killed our traditional social contact with the social fabrics and it has develop people toward individualism. It promotes communication breakdown between the old and new generation so ultimately loneliness and isolation refer to anxiety, social conflict and poisonous social habits. Then the main thing is existing a great clashes between the elder of our society and the young generation, the differences of preferences, likeness and priorities are contradictory.
This is a tragic fact that there is no healer to provide direction to the pessimist and depress youth, our education system is still running from the typical track our teacher are not well equip and train enough to motivate and mobilize young generation toward optimism and face changes with wisdom and passions. The second our religious scholars are totally ignorant about the poisonous social habit and ills, they don’t take any reformative action by conducting special sessions and programmes for the youth and parents. It can be a great service if according to the prevailing condition they play their role. Third, reflection of our local intellectual is zero in this regards if they can take any initiative to guide parents and elders not to blame the youth for deviating from the traditional ethos of society then there will not be much incidence of suicide.
To sum up the above write-up, our political representatives must have to raise voice for the appointment of psychiatrists and psychologists in our local hospitals to treat the mentally ill people, NGOs and local organizations have to play due role in creating awareness among the local community to treat their children according to the changing trends of the time. Our teachers, religious scholars and local intellectuals have to play constructive role to discourage this heinous crime of self-destruction. Cut throat competitions in education and job market may not be encouraged. Introspection is further needed to explore the possible causes of suicide.

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