‘Excessive use of meat leading to cardiac diseases in Chitral’

CHITRAL:  Renowned cardiologist retired Maj Gen Dr Azhar Mahmood Kayani, the executive director of Rawalpindi Institute of Cardiology (RIC), delivered a special lecture on “Cardiovascular diseases and preventing measures” in Town Hall here on Tuesday.

The lecture was termed as first of its kind in Chitral in which residents of the city participated in large number. They asked a number of questions regarding heart diseases.

Dr Kayani said that people were not properly aware about the nature of heart diseases, which they could prevent easily by taking a number of steps. He said that ischemic heart diseases (IHD) were common in the area. “It is known as No.1 killer but it is curable with diet and life style modifications, which are caused by loss of blood supply to heart due to the narrowing of arteries,” he added.

The health expert asked people to keep abreast themselves of their cholesterol level and other dimensions of their body by undergoing periodical laboratory tests so that their physician could advise them proper medication, which would go a long way to save them from IHD.

Dr Kayani said that one of the factors of the rising number of IHD was consumption of contaminated cooking oil and special penchant for consumption of meat in daily diet. He recommended use of vegetables and fruits.


Published in Dawn on 25th April 208.


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