Seasonal canal becomes a nuisance for residents

CHITRAL: This is a seasonal canal stretching from Chitral Gol to the Chitral Scouts headquarters.

Seasonal canal becomes a nuisance for residentsIt passes through residential areas, agricultural fields and different markets. The paramilitary force uses the canal to water its orchards only for about two months every year. But there is no one to maintain or keep it clear of garbage and other waste.

As a result, sewage, dirty water and waste material remain accumulated in it. The seasonal waterway has now become a breeding ground for mosquitoes and sends out foul smell throughout the year.

The residents of areas located along the canal have called upon the authorities concerned of the paramilitary force as well as the deputy commissioner to take notice of the issue and order dredging of the canal so that the residents could be protected against the unbearable odour any possible spread of diseases.

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