Bilour wants Peshawar to retain NA-1 constituency

MNA Bilour, who had won the National Assembly seat from the erstwhile NA-1 (Peshawar) in the 2013 by-elections after Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf chairman Imran Khan vacated it, protested the move and urged the ECP not to change the number of his constituency. Mr Bilour, who had won elections in the constituency and even defeated PPP leader Benazir Bhutto here, seemed emotionally attached to NA-1. In an open letter written to CEC retired justice Sardar Raza Ahmad Khan and shared with the media, the ANP MNA highlighted the ‘historic significance’ of his constituency and said the ECP shouldn’t change its number. “No 1 (NA-1) should not be snatched from historic Peshawar city. It (this constituency) is a Khyber gateway to India. All conquers have passed through this city,” he said, adding that Peshawar was among the cities leading the freedom fight. Mr Bilour said after March 23, 1930, when the Lahore Resolution was passed for the creation of Pakistan, Peshawar gave ‘its blood for freedom’. He said Peshawar city had played a huge role in the country’s freedom and therefore, it should not be deprived of the name it had earned, by changing its constituency’s number (NA-1). The MNA said since the CEC had spent time in the NA-1, he should be aware that there were some ‘black sheep’ who wanted to decrease the importance of the historic city of Peshawar by constituency demolition. “Peshawar is the provincial capital and therefore, it should be not deprived of its number one position in the list of National Assembly constituencies,” he said. Mr Bilour said the ECP should reconsider making Chitral the first constituency of the National and KP assemblies instead of Peshawar. According to the ECP’s preliminary report on delimitation of the constituencies, NA-39 Dera Ismail Khan is the last constituency but Chitral has been declared the first constituency instead of Peshawar. After the fresh delimitation, the National Assembly will continue to have 272 general seats, including 39 from KP, while the Federally Administered Areas will have 12 NA seats. Likewise, the KP Assembly will have a total of 99 seats.   Published in Dawn, March 23rd, 2018]]>

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  1. Sharoom koror la .. naman sahi deko ki no bomyan .. lu de mo dior ,, fake ID fake name .. proshta geti lu doni kia , ,sahi lu ki domyan ka wati salma kia wati Dr. Salma , Kia wati shehla bi bi

  2. EASY LOAD has also a historic importance. I am sure Bilour chahcha must be contemplating upon restoring that black time of ANP. I am over the moon with two major decisions of ECP – declaration of Chitral as NA-1 and abolition of one provincial assembly seat of Chitral. Two seats for Chitral had created a monopoly. These so-called leaders were not ready to give chance to anyone else in the party under one pretext or another. With abolition of one PA seat both Salim Khan and Ghulam Muhammad are in trouble. Rather a humiliating defeat is a writing on the wall. Sardar Hussain is already set to become history given his POOREST performance during his five years stint. With these drastic changes, I hope and pray some new faces will come forward and emerge victorious. I would also suggest the young lot to stand up in elections in as many number as they can in order to divide the votes and break the monopoly of this corrupt tola. Just contest elections does not matter whether you win or lose. But it is worth trying as no one knows who is going to get what. All these politicos are either contractors, shopkeepers, NGO wala, gudaam clerk, retired sarkari mulaazim, etc. Not a single one of them is a career politician. May Allah help us in getting rod of this dirty mafia. Ameen

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