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Special court orders Musharraf's arrest through Interpol

The court tasked the federal government with seizing Musharraf’s assets and ordered it to extradite him from United Arab Emirates (UAE). It also expressed disappointment over government’s inaction so far. Dr Mohammad Amjad, the secretary general of All Pakistan Muslim League, said Musharraf had decided “to travel to Pakistan by the end of April and face trial.” Earlier, Musharraf’s lawyer Akhtar Shah had requested the interior ministry for the provision of “foolproof security” on Musharraf’s return. The ministry officials confirmed that they received the request on March 13 and are currently deliberating the matter. The court ordered that a report regarding seizure of Musharraf’s assets be submitted in the next hearing on March 21.]]>

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  1. Gul jee(canada) says

    The forces behind this dictator are more powerful then Interpol so its useless to ask Interpol for we witnessed in the past the absconder was on the way to court but in the middle of the way he changed his mind by the help of those forces and got admitted in the hospital.One of his interview he openly mentioned some of the names of those helping hands .So it’s Impossible for the court or for the weak government to bring this most wanted dictator in to the justice. Never and never.unless those helping hands get total illegal sovereignty ,in the land as in Pakistan it happens usually.

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