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Yarkhun residents without electricity for 10 days

About 10 days ago, the powerhouse developed faults and technicians from the AKRSP came and took away the out-of-order components of the machinery for repair. However, since then the residents have not heard anything  from the officials about the progress on the repair of the faults and the restoration of power supply. Talking to ChitralToday on Wednesday, the local consumers complained that they were facing difficulties due to the absence of electricity. They said there was no communication with the officials concerned to know when the  supply would be restored. They also complained about the billing system for the consumers of the powerhouse. They said the consumers have to pay the bills in advance to get electricity as prepaid meters have been installed in their houses. In some of the villages, there are micro-hydel powerhouses which were set up many years ago. But when the consumers use electricity from these small local stations they are also charged because there are no separate wiring or meters for the electricity coming from the Pavur  powerhouse. They said the powerhouse at Povur had been established to supply affordable electricity to the consumers, especially in winter, to discourage cutting of forest to be used for heating and cooking purposes. However, due to the high cost, it has become a burden on the residents. One of the local residents  told ChitralToday that last month he spent Rs2,000 on the electricity to his house. He said per unit cost of the electricity from Povur has been fixed at Rs5, which was too costly compared to the electricity available in other villages. “It is like using a prepaid mobile phone. You have to visit the powerhouse and pay any amount you want and the officials sitting there load the amount into the chip that is installed in your meter. As soon as you consume electricity worth of that loaded amount, your connection is cut off,” he added. The residents called upon the AKRSP authorities to expedite the repair of the fault in the powerhouse and restore supply of electricity to them without any further delay.]]>

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