APML Chitral leader, spouse resign from party cabinet

ChitralToday here on Thursday. APML Chitral leader, spouse resign from party cabinet Mr Aseer held the post of vice president while Begum Sher Wali Khan was the president of the APML Chitral women wing. However, they have not resigned from the basic membership of the party headed by former military ruler Gen Pervez Musharraf, who is now living in Dubai. The sources said Mr Aseer and his wife would not take part in any political activity of the party till Gen Musharraf returns to the country. It may be noted that Mr Aseer is a retired principal and executive district officer (education) Chitral and is widely respected for his services in the field of not only education but also social and literary works in the remote Yarkhun valley of Chitral. His joining of the APML was considered a boost to the APML especially in Upper Chitral.]]>

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  1. Now nothing is left with Musharraf party in Chitral. Sir Aseer’s departure is a big loss. The other local leaders should also quit and join some other party or make their own party.

  2. Dair Ayat Durst Ayat. Finally Mohtaram Aseer sahib took first step toward the light from the rejected darkness.so we are welcoming him and his wife.Dictator Musharraf is a politician nor his so-called and selfmade association is a political party.With due respect Mohtaram Aseer sahib is himself does not
    Know even alphabets of politics yes we do have a lot of respects for him ss an educactionist author and writer. Mr Aseer spent almost 40 years as a government officer in different capacities with vary good name and honestly. We all Chitralies are feeling proud of him. we humbly request that he should stay with his own respectable profession. I wish there should be a law to ban those government employees to participate in politics just for getting some worldly benefits after retirement. According to age wise sfter 60 years in government what’s left for public. Amazing anaylise by Mr Nadir Khan and Dr Faizi sahib. Dr sahib said “No Longer hot cake ” I can say not only hot cake but even not a muffin.

    1. Totally agreed with Faizi sb. Democratic minded people should never make such mistake of joining a party that is led or even supported by a former military dictator. Secondly, people of Chitral returned the favour of Musharraf to him by voting his candidates once but it is another matter that his party man cheated and left him. Now when a man who took votes using the name of Musharraf and ditched him joining the party is not a wise decision by another man.
      Musharraf cannot come back to the country under current circumstances. Before 2013 he was in an illusion that he had masses support in Pakistan and would be received by millions of people. But when he landed in Karachi, there were hardly 100 people at the airport to welcome him. Mush then found him in a trap and used ll means to fled from the country on the pretext of poor health.
      So Sher Wali Khan Aseer and his spouse have made timely decision to distance themselves from the party. Until Musharraf comes back means, never.
      Nadir Khan

  3. with due respect, recently mr and mrs sher wali khan aseer visited dubai to meet APML leader General Pervez Musharaf to get party ticket to contest in up coming elections,now it seems that their vist to dubai was not fruitful.

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