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  1. Javed Karim says

    PIA should be asked either to abolish its Chitral route or mend its ways. The only solution is coming of private airlines. but I don’t think with the opening of Lowari tunnel, Chitral route will be profitable for any airliner.
    Secondly, PIA is ditching us only because of lack of any voice at national level by our leaders. This I say because the same PIA is not only increasing its flights but also opening new route in Gilgit-Baltistan. So our leaders should take up the matter at the highest level.

  2. Mr. Baig says I really really appreciate your attention and genuine demand and we need you.

  3. Zahir Uddin says

    Dr Sahib you are absolutely right in your genuine demand but it needs to be taken up by our elected representatives with the high ups of Islamabad .Salulte to you for speaking and reminding truth and facts.

  4. Ghulam Nabi Khan says

    Timely appraoch and genuine demand

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