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JUI opposes opening of women market in town

They said when there was no separate market for women in any other part of the province, introducing such an idea in Chitral was tantamount to openly inviting women of the area to the bazaar which would not be acceptable. “Therefore, we call upon both the authorities concerned and those behind the opening of the women exclusive market to revisit their plan otherwise they would be responsible for any law and order situation.” It may be mentioned that people belonging to different sections of society in Chitral have welcomed the opening of the women-only market in Chitral where normally women are not allowed to visit the bazaar to purchase any items of their choice. The owner of the women exclusive market told ChitralToday that about 40 shops had already booked in the market and more would be established to be run only by women. The market is set for inauguration very soon.]]>

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  1. Mr. Baig says

    I strongly agree with all the comments stated above.

  2. Gul jee says

    It’s vary surprising if there is a school or college or any other Institutions with coeducation systems then our beloved parties(JI and JUI)always in the front line for opposing them and now if there will be a separate place for ladies to shop then also they are saying it’s against our culture and lslam. Oh my God which one is right and who? I have one suggestion if there should not be a separate market place, let’s have joint washrooms for men and women.

  3. Chitralis says

    Why don’t the other parties give their opinions. Is Chitral under the influence of these so called Molves or there is any other one who belong to Chitral. Any society,any political party or group of people etc. Don’t let these ignorent people do something wrong.Ask them all gulf countries have man and woman do everything together.why not Chitral and million of Muslims live Western countries and they send donations to Pakistan and these people use them.

  4. Javed Karim says

    I think very soon they will reach a ‘compromise’ in name of peace and culture and the market will be opened.

  5. Muhammad Afzal says

    Moulvi sahiban always act at the behest of some force. This is a historical fact. These sahiban have either been bribed by the male shopkeepers selling ladies (under) garments or there is some other force which wants to create an issue khwa ma khwa out of a non issue.

  6. Mumtaz Booni says

    dear molvi, law and order is not and should not be an issue to be dealt with by you. There are competent depts such as district admin, police and scouts to take care of law and order and maintain peace. They have always taken care of miscreants when they tried to spoil peace of Chitral. This black mailing thing would not work in future. If a citizen wants to open a shop or two or a market, why do you link it to law and order? be mature enough and come up with some logical arguments.

  7. Asad says

    Hamne aksar apnay ulama karam ko mard or khawateen ko alag rehnay ka dars detay suna hai..yehi ulama co-education ka khilaf boltay hai, ke is’se fahashi phelti hai, yehi ulama NOGs ka khilaf hai, kyunke wahan mard or khawateen ikhata kam kartay hai..yehi ulama mukhtalif jeshn me khawateen ki shirkat ko roktay hai, kyunke mard or khwateen aik jagha aikhta nehi ho sakhtay…yehi ulama khwateen kaly alag school, college, university,or alag hosptial ki talab karty hua nazar ayenga. or jb khwateen kaly alag market ke baat hoti hai to uskay khilaf bolna shuru kartay hai…kya yeh khula tazad nehi…inkay mutabaq pakistan ka kisi b shehar me khwateen kaly alag bazar nehi, jo mekhtalif shehar me meena bazar banay hai iska kya matlab hai…yehi khwateen aam bazar me jake kharidari karay hai to chitral ki saqafat ko nuqsan nehi punchta..or khwateen alag bazar me jakay kharidari karengay to fahashi or behayai phelay gi…

  8. Dr. Khalil says

    جمیعت علماء میرا باپ ہے کیا؟؟ یہ سب بازار کا دوکانداروں کے ایجنٹ معلوم ہو رہے ہیں.کسی نے ان کو خانہ کھلایا ہوگا… عورتوں کا الگ مارکیٹ ہونے کی صورت میں خواتین عزت ک ساتھ شوپنگ کریں گی، جمیغت والے شاید ان کو مردوں کے ساتھ میں بازار شوپنگ کروانا چاہتے ہیں

    1. Misbahur Rahman says

      is se prda dar b bahir niklen gin. ab jo shaping krti hn.koi mane ya na maane, woh mrd dukandandaron se hi chizn kharidn gin. kyun k woh shoping k lye bahir km jb k bahir nikelne shoping ko zyada jati hn.

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