Police officer gives tips to students on success in life

In order to motivate the students, the DPO shared with them his own life’s success story. He said with commitment and hard work nothing was impossible. He said considering competitive exams an impossible task was just a myth. The reality is that it needs commitment and hard work. He also requested the students to cooperate with him in eradicating the polythene bags to create a clean and healthy environment in Chitral. He also urged them to play their role as responsible citizens of Chitral to eradicate crime and drug abuse. Addressing the female students, the DPO said a series of disciplines such as military, navy and air force, which were considered as man-centred-jobs, were now open for women as well. In the past, women were confined to medical and engineering fields but today a woman can opt for any kind of career for herself. He also told the audience that Chitral police were working on educating women about their rights. It will also try to keep a check on early age marriages as well as Chitrali women’s marriages outside the district.—Ihtisham Ur Rehman


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