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Steel power poles for Dizg and three other villages arrive

DIZG: Steel poles for repalce ment of the wooden ones from the powerhouse in Yukum to four villages here have arrived here.

The pylons have been arranged through funds provided by MNA Shahzada Iftikharuddin. Local residents told ChitralToday that 30 more poles would be arriving from Chitral soon.

Talking to ChitralToday correspondent, Zulfiqar Ali and local council member Murad Drust from Khruzg, Dilbar Murad Khan, Habib Nadir, Tajuddin, Sorum Baig and others of Dizg thanked the MNA for allocating over Rs1 million for the replacement of the old wooden poles with the new steel ones.

They said the wooden poles were installed in residential areas and in the middle of agricultural fields when the powerhouse was constructed years back. They not only used to fall down in stormy weather but were also dangerous for the lives of the residents. Now the local people will install the new poles along the main road avoiding residential areas and  agricultural fields.

The replacement of the wooden poles with steel power poles was the longstanding demand of the people of Marting, Khruzg, Dizg and Istach and finally the MNA fulfilled his promise of proving funds for the project. But the residents said 70 poles would not cover the distance from Grovur to Istach and there was a need of at least 30 more poles to replace all the wooden poles along the main transmission lines.

They expressed the hope that the replacement of the poles would be completed within a few months if the MNA arranged more poles for the villages.  

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