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Firewood dealers fined, stocks sealed

CHITRAL: Four firewood dealers were fined Rs24,000 and their stocks sealed here on Thursday, the DC office said. 
The action was taken against the dealers for using stones instead of weight bars while selling firewood. After receiving complaints from the citizens, Deputy Commissioner Irshad Sodhar directed all ACs to take strict actions against such firewood dealers.
During checking of the wood stocks, AC Abdul Akram imposed the fines and sealed the four stocks in the town. There have been complaints that the dealers were fleecing the buyers by giving them less wood through the use of stones as bar weight.
It has been observed that very few dealers sell wood by properly weighing it. The action by the district administration not only against the firewood dealers but all those selling different commodities such as meat etc has been hailed by the citizens.
It is the need of the hour that the administration should continue the action to keep an eye on those fleecing the public to provide relief to the consumers who are already hit hard by rising price hikes.


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