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Chairman NHA signs tendering of mega projects

ISLAMABAD: After meeting with MNA Chitral Shahzada Iftikhar Uddin at NHA Headquarters Islamabad today, Chairman NHA Shahid Hassan Tarar signed requests of MNA Chitral for tendering of following mega projects:

Chitral Garam Chashma Road 82 KM (Rs 8.66 ) 
billion Chitral Kalash Valley Roads 48 KM (Rs 4.86) billion
Flood Rehab Schemes Rs 86 crores including bridges costing Rs 15 crores each at following locations:
Oseak – Drosh
ii. Shogore -Awi
iii. Gasht Lasht – Kuragh
iv. Nishkuh – Werkhop
Eleven Roads of Flood Schemes are following:
i. Damel Kamsey Arandu Gol Rs 2 crores
ii. Nagar Urtsoon Rs 8 crores
iii. Jinjeretkuh Rs 1 crore
iv. Beoli Bala Rs 2 crores
v. Shishikuh – Madaklasht Rs 2 crores
vi. Orgoch – Chitral Rs 2 crores
vii. Karimabad & Partsan Rs 6 crores
viii. Arkari Rs 5 crores
ix. Rech Rs 1 crore
x. Khot & Yakhdiz Rs 2 crores
xi. Melp Rs 1 crore
xii. Yukum – Zhupu (Yarkhoon) Rs 2 crores
Survey for PC-1 of Terich Lot Owir Road. Note: Between 5th -10th Sept 2017 NHA had completed Survey for PC-II of this projects.
Now detailed survey is to be undertaken by private firms of the 132 KM Road where PC-II has recommended RCC bridges alongwith access roads at following locations
ii. Kushum (Kandujal)
iii. Warijun 
iv. Kosht – Bumbagh 
v. Gasht Lasht (Kosht – Kuragh)
vi. Parpish
Updates on Chitral Shandoor Road 152 KM Rs 18.64 billion. Joint Working Group (JWG) of Pakistan and China on CPEC met last month on 23rd Sept 2017 and was informed by Fed Ministry of Communications that NHA has completed the PC-1 of 152 KM Chitral Shandoor portion.
NHA has also completed 80% of 212 KM Shandoor Gilgit portion whose PC-1 shall be ready in a few months.
This PSDP (Federal Budget) project may end up costing an estimated Rs 30 billion for Shandoor Gilgit portion and its total cost tag may reach Rs 50 billion for the total stretch of 374 KM. China is expected to fund this project which will be tendered once the formalities are completed in a few months.
Chitral Chakdara Road costing Rs. 17.42 bilion being funded by South Korean EXIM Bank. This PSDP Project has already been approved by ECNEC but its detailed design is not done yet.
In today’s meeting Chairman NHA has asked NHA Procurement team to ensure its design work between Kalkatak Drosh and Chitral is started in consultation with Koreans.
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