Suicide case: postmortem report says girl was not raped

BOONI: The postmortem report of the girl who committed suicide by jumping into river in Awi village of Upper Chitral has showed that she was not sexually assaulted that could be the cause of her committing suicide.

“Investigations are at the initial stage at this stage but circumstances that led to the teenager’s death are murky,” police officials told ChitralToday on condition of anonymity, adding they were still in the dark about what exactly happened to the girl, where she spent the night when she was taken away by the four boys from her house in Mandagh locality of Awi on the night of Sept 7 and when she committed suicide.

Initial police investigations suggested that the girl was interested in marrying one of the four boys (the main suspect) and that was why she eloped with him. However, when he refused to marry her she took her life by jumping into river. The main suspect whom police arrested after obtaining the girl’s call data record (CDR) told investigators that they had met the girl that night but later she went back to her home.

The call data record suggested that both the main suspect and the girl had talked on phone for an hour before their meeting that night. The police officials also said they had found the victim’s shirt which was torn from one side from another house in the same locality. However, local people are alleging that the group of teenage boys torn the clothes and gang raped the girl through the night.

They are also alleging that the MPA of the area was using his influence to save the arrested young men and trying to solve the issue out of court. The police have also collected the specimen from the deceased and the suspects for forensic test. The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Child Protection Bureau also registered the report of the girl’s suicide and its team visited the house of the victim and met the family to record their statement, an official of the bureau told ChitralToday. 

The team also met the family of the suspects and recorded their statement. Suicide among young girls in Chitral has been rising for many years, as two fresh cases reported in September 2017. Women rights organizations are saying that most of the cases go unreported due to different reasons, including family honour, lack of police action. Some weeks ago, another young woman committed suicide jumping into River Chitral.

Police and local sources privy to the development said she committed suicide after her friend who developed contact with the girl on the promise of marriage refused to marry. They said neither the family nor the police registered an FIR of the case. Last year, another teenage girl student of Laspur in upper Chitral, who was sexually harassed and molested by a class-IV of her government school, committed suicide by consuming poison at the school.

The family of the victim told the police that the girl was struggling for justice for many years but poor police investigation and lengthy judicial proceedings forced her to end her life.  


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  1. indeed this is very shocking news.this sensitive matter should be reported carefully by controlling the word.What will be the feeling of girl family after reading this news.

  2. Please select your words and sentences very carefully while reporting such a sensitive and tragic incident. Indeed it’s a very very difficult and unfortunate situation for the girl’s family.

  3. This,case,,is,given,,another,,,dimension,,and,,taking,people,,attention,,towards,other,,by,political,,encroachment,….

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