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Bank officials warned against harassing residents to pay back waived loans

BOONI: Local people have warned officials of all banks against harassing them on the pretext of recovering agricultural loans after the same were waived by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif after the devastating floods of 2015.

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  1. Zahiruddin Canada says

    The reason and logic behind demanding the stuck up loans by the bank and financial institution are that when this stranded and stuck up money is given back it can be advanced to other genuine needy and deserving people to make sure proper and smooth circulation of money so that no one is deprived of this facility. Our sharp political brains should promote good repayment behaviors among the community.

  2. Shams says

    It is evident that in past loans issued in the name of poor people have been used by the influential persons who have affiliations with the political parties. This practice should be discontinued forever and the defaulters have to pay the loan to the banks. This habit exists in few areas of Chitral, other areas have returned their outstanding loans to the banks and there is not default as per bank record.

  3. Ehsanullah says

    Writing off loans is the biggest crime any PM/President can do to the country and everyone form Ziaulhaq to Benazir to Musharraf to Nawaz sharif have committed this crime. Enough is enough. Those who take loan must be made to pay it back, come what may. Insurance companies are there to cater for disasters if any (God forbid).

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