Appointments in Broghil national park

MNA appeals to CM to cancell all fresh appointments in Broghil National Park

CHITRAL: MNA Shahzada Iftikharuddin has appealed to the chief minister of KP to cancell all fresh appointments in Broghil National Park.

Appointments in Broghil National Park. “Out of the 14 fresh appointments not a single Wakhi speaking native of the Wakhi tribe has been recruited to the dismay of many highly qualified local job seekers,” he said in a statement.

The chief minister must take note of the massive irregularities seen in the discriminatory treatment meted out to the people of the Brohghil valley, a situation that has only resulted in increasing the sense of alienation amongst the Wakhi tribe who live in the 100-km-long Broghil valley where the national park is based.

Locals already have serious reservations about the government’s non-consultation with them in demarcation of the boundaries of the Boroghul National Park.

“I appeal to the chief minister KPK to cancel all the fresh appointments of outsiders in Broghil National Park project where not a single Wakhi-speaking local has been appointed in spite of a huge number of qualified youths.”

The MNA said there was rampant poverty and unemployment in the remote Brogbil border area and the only souce of income was livestock but when it comes to new jobs the locals were totally disregarded making a mockery and joke in the name of conservation.

“Any conservation measure that metes out inhuman treatment to native Wakhi speakers would backfire as it would be devoid of an inbuilt sense of ownership and therefore the fresh appointment already rejected as a cruel joke by local village council chairman Amin Jan Tajik and the native Wakhi tribe is also un acceptable to the people of Chitral.”

Given local sensitivities involved, the MNA said, the CM is requested to take note of this discrimination and direct the wildlife department to give all the qualified locals an equal opportunity to get the skilled and class-four jobs.

The government needs to take practical steps so that the Wakhi people start believing that the government is there to safeguard and advance their interests side by side with the conservation of the nature i.e flora, fauna and above all does not mete out inhuman treatment to the Wakhi people who had willingly asked the government to initiate conservation measures in the Broghil National Park.

Foremost of all, the park happens to be their homeland more than that of outsiders who are now being given preference over them by the wildlife department thereby altogether killing the very objectives the Broghil National Park should be advancing at the first place.

“I earnestly call upon the CM to cancel the new appointments and ensure local stakeholders are not disregarded but preference is given to Wakhi speakers for being sons of the soil. As only ethnic Wakhi speakers can best be guarantors of wildlife in their native Broghil National Park,” he added.

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  1. MNA sahib call a press conference in Peshawar and raise this issue along with the representatives of Boroghil, this is very sensitive issue.

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