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Role of college libraries in promoting reading habits

Syed Meraj Ali Shah

It is very difficult to imagine a college without a library, education and library have been attached since centuries and civilizations. The size and collections of the library are used as an indicator of academic quality.

Educational efforts over several years have seen the positive involvement of libraries in education by offering their valuable services. The libraries play a vital role in fulfilling educational aims is undeniable. As an appreciation and recognition of this fact, libraries are increasingly becoming an integral part of college everywhere.

A college library performs a great many functions in promoting reading habits among college students and faculty members. This is a vital and effective step in the fulfillment of educational aims because without reading there is little learning by developing the reading habit the person’s vision is broadened and his knowledge is widened, thereby enriching his life college libraries enable students to develop their initiative and self-reliance.

By using the facilities of the library students begin to learn many things from books, journals, and Newspapers without depending on guidance from the teachers. This type of training is very valuable and essential in after-college life because education does not end with leaving college. Education is a lifelong process, we have to learn many things by living and growing up in society. It is here that the qualities of initiative and self-reliance prove to be a great asset to an individual. College libraries break down hurdle existing among various school objects.

Through reading the students begin to discover the interrelation of different subjects. In this respect, the college library acts as an integrating factor that students begin to understand the general process of learning. A proper understanding of the Combination of subjects makes students appreciate the necessity for learning many different subjects.

A student who is interested in a particular subject has the opportunity of increasing his knowledge of it by further reading in a well-stocked college library. The right and relevant, reading material channels students towards mature thinking and cultivates their aesthetic and moral wipes. They enter adult life with certainly pronounced interest in art, literature, drama, music, philosophy. In addition, the college library provides them with the necessary information about requirements for higher education or the careers they wish to choose, thus preparing them for an easy passage from college to adult life.   

(The writer is Librarian at the Government Degree College, Puran, District Shangla).  

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  1. Hamid Rahman says

    wonderful try keep it up.gradually you will be up above the……. congrts

  2. Kausar Ali Shah. Islamabad says

    Dear Meraj,
    your this article towards extension of your experience is greatly appreciable. We believe these kind of sharing items are really need and important for the students they are keeping away themselves from reading of books to some extends. As here in my organization we are working on improving reading habits in schools level as Reading habits are very important for the students in this crucial time. As every one is on social media mostly students group and this social media has badly effected of practical reading. like you many other thousand of people who have expertise and guts of improving reading and writing habits need to come in front and play your role that the nation can get back their good habit of reading and writing BECAUSE Practice makes man Perfect.

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