6 Replies to “Four senior JI leaders resign from party membership”

  1. it is written in dastoor jamat islami pakistan if a rukun face any problem he will discuss it in a platform name ijtimaa arkan.
    To public any jamat islami issue in media is totally against the dastoor jamat islami pakistan.

  2. The are all the skins of the same goat (ee payo phost). Talking to a local PPP leader today, the gentlemen said he said he donated two pickups for duty during Bilawals visit to Chitral and he will recover the money by getting contracts and gratifications when PPP comes to power. Whether religious parties or non religious all are corrupt and self seeking.

  3. The Jamaat-i-Islami has turned into the party of thekedars in KP, specially in Chitral, since long. Many ideological activists have already quit the party.

  4. The decay process of religious parties started from the last local government elections. It will continue haunting them up to the next general elections. They have been blaming each other for manipulating the agreement in their favour. It is understood that either JI or JUI were on false ground as both of them can’t be correct. In religious terms the liar didn’t take into account the verse of Qur’an where Allah deplores lie. Definitely Allah will show his powers and defeat them before our eyes.

  5. JI members use the party’s name for their own interests. So what is a big deal if the party gave ticket to Nazim.

  6. The internal politics in political parties of Pakistan is like a marriage of convenience; if it works out well in your favour it is the most blessed party on earth but if not, all your political ideologies go down the drain in a split second. We have seen it happening on many occasions in the recent part and majority of those dissidents were welcomed by PTI with open arms (I am excluding those ones who can be sold or bought at anytime). This news shocked me a little because it was about Jamat e Islami-perhaps the only well organised party of Pakistan. It rarely happens that one member resigns or quits JI but never heard of four at a time. This might give a huge set back to the party in Chitral as two of the gentlemen I have known for long were very reasonable and educated people. At Least one of them has had a lot of influence in the decision making. Let us wait and see how it unfolds for JI in future.

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