Orghoch residents give govt deadline to resume work on incomplete bridge

CHITRAL: The people of Orghoch on Friday held a protest against non-completion of a bridge linking the village located on the right bank of Chitral river to other parts of the district.
Work on the bridge was started in 2012 when Shahzada Mohiuddin was the member of the National Assembly. Two years later, the project was abandoned after around Rs10 million were spent on it.
The protesters gave the government one-week’s deadline to resume work on the construction of the jeep-able bridge after which they would block the Chitral-Mastuj road.
The protesters alleged that the TMA and the contractor, Muhammad Khan, were responsible for the incomplete project, adding the contractor sued poor quality material in the bridge.
They said 80 per cent of the people of Orghoch having about 500 houses depended on the bridge for their daily communication.
Due to the poor condition of the bridge, the lives of the commuters especially schoolchildren were at a risk.–S. Nazir Hussain Shah

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