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10 more utility stores in Chitral soon: MNA

ISLAMABAD: Opening of 10 more utility stores has been approved by the authorities concerned of the department.

After consultation with Shahzada Iftikhar, the MD Utility Stores has directed GM to open new stores in the following areas: 1. Super Store Drosh 2. Super Store Garam Chashama 3. Super Store Booni Areas where new Utility Stores shall be opened include the following: 4. Susoom Karimabad 5. Harth Karimabad 6. Parabek Garam Chashma 7. Madaklasht 8. Golain 9. Makak 10. Mur Rech (UC Khot).

This will bring the number of Total Stores opened in Chitral in four years to Forty (40). The aim of Utility stores is to ensure good quality products at affordable prices besides helping control prices by private shopkeepers.

It may be noted that Shahzada Iftikhar Uddin MNA Chitral is a member of two Standing Committees of the National Assembly namely Standing Committee on Monday Development & Reforms as well as Standing Committee on Industries & Production as Utility Stores, SMEDA and Special Economic Zones (SEZs) fall under the later Ministry.

A Branch of SMEDA shall also be opened in Chitral this year as it will help promote & facilitate much need private sector activity small and medium sized enterprizes in Chitral and help create private sector jobs for the areas youth.

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  1. ijaz ahmad says

    perhaps yarkhun does not fall in the constituency of the MNA saib as it did the same in the time of former MNA shahzada muhy uddin ..thanx

  2. Sher Nabi says

    MNA sab can you plz consider the backward area yarkhun to open an outlet

  3. Ali Shahpar says

    The only achievement of our MNA in past 4 years, utility stores. The Journalists from Chitral should search the archives and produce different promises of MNA in past 4 years (scroll of his timeline on FB will be easy) and then ask him regarding his five top promises and their status as of today.

    1. Ali Afzal Khan says

      So Lawari Tunnel is not an achievement han ? If you are scrolling down his time line on fb then please acknowledge his struggle for Lowari Tunnel, on his request the annual allocation for tunnel was increased from from 50 crore to 6 billion which ensured early completion of the project. Please talk about Torkhow road work on which is underway please check at sight. Talk about NHAs take over of major roads of Chitral which has been included in annual federal budget for 2017-18.

  4. Rashid says

    Well done MNA sahib, Good job. Please also look into the affairs of the existing stores in Chitral. The super store opened in Chitral city despite having average daily sale of over Rs half a million but basic facilities are still not available there. e.g push trolleys and baskets which are available even in small shops else where are not seen there. The official sign board has not not been put up so far. Also the cash desk does not have computerized system and still using primitive methods. Imagine how much of embezzlement would be happening because of manual accounting. There is general complaint that items are sold at higher than designated price. During last Ramazan discount package the utility store staff paid respect to Ramzan by selling stuff expensive instead of the rebate given by the government. This will not happen if the system is computerised. It is important that affairs of Utility Stores are monitored after opening them.

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