Was the govt in a hurry to inaugurate Lowari tunnel?

First of all tunnel is not completed to be inaugurated. The 8km patch of tunnel opens for only 3 hours in a day for one way traffic, meaning that you have to wait 20-25 minutes so traffic from one end enters and clears the tunnel. The bridge, connecting the tunnel to the road, is not operational. You have to take an alternate rough road to get to the tunnel. The 2km patch, second part of the tunnel, is not even operational yet. In case you think everything is alright within the operational part of tunnel you are mistaken. Please read the board which clearly states that the exhausts in tunnels are not functioning. In case of any emergency (which is highly likely) there won’t be any help available (or given). You can die, as you may please, in the tunnel. Prime Minster gave the speech like he had won a long war with poverty and terrorism on the inauguration of a tunnel that currently isn’t even half operational. Let me tell you that when you enter the tunnel your visibility is barley 4-5 feet due to fumes and dust. I really want to know why the tunnel was inaugurated if it was not safe. What if an accident takes place in the tunnel? Apparently they can’t deal with a fire or give any sort of medical help because these facilities are on 3-4 hours distance from the tunnel. And forget the tunnel for a little bit, yes it has reduced the travel time from 2 hours to 15 minutes but what about the rest of the route? The road from Dir to tunnel is 17-18 km which in normal circumstances should take you 40 minutes. But it takes far longer than that because it’s not a road it’s again a katcha road. The 10km patch of road, after the tunnel leading to Chitral, is in terrible state too. Obviously it’s very hard for someone to understand who flies to somewhere or owns a luxury 4*4. That goes for Mr. Sharif, Mr. Khan and Mr. Bilawal, who have all visited Chitral in the span of last few months this way. The road connecting small cities and villages of Chitral to the main town are in terrible state too. I kept wondering what would happen in case someone has a medical emergency. You can very well say inna lilah and wait to die because it can take hours to reach the town. There is a rough road that connects Kalash valley to Chitral, which is supposed to be a huge tourist attraction of the area. You will see that basic facilities, electricity and toilets, in Kalash are provided by NGOs and not the government. A beautiful museum in the area is also built by an NGO. You can call NGOs what you may like but the truth is that they are giving something to people. Ayun valley, where we stayed during our visit, is generating its own private electricity. I wonder what the hell government is doing? It’s not giving people roads, electricity and medical but false hopes are available in heaps. I wonder if Metro Islamabad project was really more needed than the roads in KPK. I wonder if this is what provincial government is doing for the largest district of KPK, what would be the condition of other districts. It’s been nothing but a pure disappointment; there is NO Change in in KPK as far as I can see. The federal government and provincial government both need to answer..and I hope they do in the next elections. Chitral is a beautiful place and can be a huge tourist attraction, If not for foreigners for local travellers but when everyone’s focus is on political inaugurations, point scoring and pointing fingers then there is really no hope.]]>

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  1. Those who are paying $200000 to Musharraf for a lecture must be really stupid people. What he says can be grasped from the internet. Not even worth $20.

  2. My brother Azam is either too innocent or just a flamboyant supporter of the Shareef’s that he is trying to extract examples from the past; of cases of different nature and attempting to piece them together to make a point here which is absurd. Let us not dig very deep down in the past; let us take Gen Musharraf’s case here. The last para of the Supreme Court Judgement clearly told the govt. that it won’t interfere in any actions taken by the govt to keep Musharraf under house arrest or to put a travel ban on him referring to ECL. The exit control list is issued by the Interior Ministry i.e. by Ch. Nisar at that time-the right hand man of Nawaz Sharif. You tell me my brother then how come Musharraf leaves the country? Don’t you think your revered leader Mr. Nawaz Sharif himself let him go? and now he is talking of trials of dictators. He should be ashamed of himself before he says so because he himself was the blue eyed boy of the most notorious dictator of them all. In addition to that the two security personnel (JIT members) were in the DAWN leaks JIT also and they were fine but when they unearth the corruption of the ruling family, they are also biased? What kind of duplicity is this? And please don’t compare this man with Z.A.Bhutto because that won’t be fair at all.
    @Chitrali..So what you are trying to imply over here is that someone who earns more is an intellectual? Musharraf is a good administrator but not a good leader. A General who enjoyed so much respect during the service, had to finally resign from the most coveted office in the State of Pakistan, do you still think he is an intellectual?.

  3. Musharraf is intellectual man and earning $200000.per lecture from the international universities and public speaking form.he delivers almost five to ten lecture every month.

    1. Period!! What are his credential to give lecture? and can you give one instance in recent past where he delivered this “lecture”? Dear he has looted the national exchequer and minted money by selling Pakistanis to US and stashing the fortunes in overseas bank. Yes he did deliver a couple of lecture when he was head of Pakistan and it is a common practice worldwide, but not now. Universities when invite any high profile lecturer it becomes instant news and international media covers it. And lastly, usually when such head of state are invited for lecture, they don’t charge for as they consider it below their status. Example are Tony Blair, Clinton etc.

  4. yes you are right, same fake case was concocted against Z.A. Bhutto just to eliminate him from the scene. In Pakistan history developing cases against politicians is very easy. Nawaz Sharif acquired flats in London because he had been industrialist and wealthy person, how Musharf acquired Bangla in London, Dubai and USA. What are sources of Musharaf Income? Can any retired govt servant have such lavish life style and number of bangla abroad? Can supreme court hear and pass judgment without any trial? can any court direct and supervise functioning of trial court proceeding? In such situation can fair trial is possible? WHY PERVEZ MUSHARAF WAS LEFT WITHOUT TRIAL UNDER ARTICLE 6. People of Pakistan restored judiciary for justice not for taking dictation. Lay man can say that the judgment of Z.A. Bhutto was biased, judgment of justice Munir to endorse Ghulam Muhammad Martial Law was biased, Judgment of endorsing Musharaf Martial law was biased, Judgment of giving punishment to Nawaz Sharif on hijacking case was biased. And all the legal fraternity throughout the world are unanimous in their view that disqualify Nawaz Sharif for not showing his receivable salary is also faulty, biased and dictated judgement. This particular petition was rejected by this supreme court registrar by saying as frivolous, how PM can be disqualified through a frivolous petition.

  5. Let us not make this a political issue here; the writer has a valid point that the access roads should also be repaired now. linking that to a decision made by the highest court of Law and claiming that it was controversial, is a shame and ridiculous.
    Remember the long march of the judicial movement; the same person was leading that long march to stabilize the same Supreme Court and now when a decision comes against him; the judicial system becomes corrupt and the judges steal the mandate? isn’t it a U turn? They had all the time to prove to the court that everything they did was according to the law; instead what they did was-provided fake letters and documents, still you think the ousted Prime Minister was disqualified unjustifiably? We should not misguide people by saying such things distorting facts and closing our eyes blindly. Everyone in the country knows that Sharifs are corrupt and they make under the table deals; read JIT reports , those are available on the Supreme Court Website and wait for the Volume 10 which will tell everything about them.

  6. Nawaz Sharif was taking personal interest in the matter of completing the tunnel according to well informed sources. It is extremely unfortunate that we the people of Chitral lost the leader who was very sympathetic in the matter of Chitral he also approved funds for the approach roads from Tunnel to Dir and Tunnel to Chitral sides. His speech in Chitral he directed chairman of the NHA to complete the tunnel before June 2017 and up till now work on the tunnel is in full swing. Yes the finishing process of the tunnel in not completed and hopefully it will be completed up to September or October. Had PM Nawaz Sharif be there finishing process will also be completed in short span of time. People of Chitral highly grateful to PM for spending up Rs. 22 billion on tunnel project within short time and finally completing the project which was almost ignored in the previous govt. Just consider the role of PTI KP govt, in context of Reshun Power House which was partially damaged in 2015 and for the last two years entire population of Tehsil Mastuj are in darkness and non is here to restore the powerhouse. People of Chitral are very upset after ousting of PM through a controversial judgement by the supreme court. PTI, Sheikh Rashid, Tahirul Qadri, Sirajul Haq, Choudery Shujat Hussain etc are busy to create instability in the country instead of fixing problems in KP province. Condition of roads in town Chitral are in pathetic condition, corruption is rampant, and PTI govt is doing nothing to fix the problems and busy to complete anti-democratic agenda.

  7. Indeed, we were in hurry to inaugurate the Lowari Tunnel, not the Government, because we are the sufferer, it is only and solely our problem our relatives, near and dear and patients are facing this tough journey. It also needed of the hour to avoid unnecessary dilly-dally tactics of the Company. It is was a good decision by ex-Prime Minister irrespective of political repercussion for the Chitralis.
    Secondly, as regards the dilapidated condition of the road of Chitral Town is concerned, it is the sole responsibility of your respective MPA (Saleem Khan) good-for-nothing.
    Thirdly, as regard, the facilities and toilets provided by an NGO your claimed are against the facts at that points cross swords between Secretary Local Government Department (Mr. Hifz-ur-Rehman) and Ms Maureen occurred because she exploited the ADP of KP in grab of her NGO.

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