A righteous VC retires

However, sir you also did great injustice and indiscriminate discrimination against faculty members of Chitral Campus, who, before your VCship, were recruited through pure merit after selection board recommendation and syndicate approval (which being the prescribed mechanism for regular appointments in BS 17 and above in universities). For no obvious reasons you became personal with us and delayed our RIGHT to regularization but couldn’t stop it. You underestimated us in the beginning, thinking of us as nonentities in the backcloth of your “glorified” long career as VC but later on you were compelled to kneel down once we kept being successful in litigations against you. Remember them? We will stand face to face with you in front of Allah on the Day of Judgment, and will seek justice from Allah for all the discrimination that you practiced against us and others in your tenure through bulldozing the Syndicate and misusing your authority. (We have obtained the observations of syndicate members to that effect). Sir, you also caused five litigations of employees to SBBU, and you lost each one of them; needles to mention the number of inquiries against you. Wait for two more serious litigations to be filed against you, now that you have retired; and face the music. And remember sir, the tears shed during your departure will surely be of those puppets and “polishies” whom you benefited unduly, being economical with merit and fair play. Otherwise, most employees of the university were dying to get rid of your dark tenure. Sir, your ego stood unmoved even after you lost the case against us at High Court twice. You even produced a piously written “not-fake” letter in the court to escape contempt of court. Remember that sir? You tried your level best to deceive the syndicate and the High Court, but remember you will NEVER EVER be able to deceive Omniscient Allah’s Ultimate Court on the Day of Judgment. With all your piety, holiness and worships aside, you will have to be answerable to Allah for violating our due rights and making us, our parents, families and kids suffer unduly in your tenure as VC. Allah Hafiz! Zahoor ul Haq Danish Chitral.]]>

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  1. The Godfather of Nepotism Culture in Agriculture University Peshawar and later on in SBBU.

  2. Wearing a long turban and doing nasty deeds has become a common practice in our society. But need to raise voice in every forum against such type of corrupt persons. Because our society is full of such kind of notorious peoples. Keep it.

  3. There is no dearth of double players in our society. Nature will take them to account for their deeds.

  4. He appointed all the people of Laki-Marwat in Agriculture University Peshawar when he was VC of the said university. After his appointment in SBBU he also repeated the same tactics and conducted step-motherly behavior with the students and teaching faculty of Chitral. But he camouflaged all his corrupt practices behind his long beard and this is the tradition in our society that majority of corrupt people perform Haj, Umra and Tabligh to purify their ill gotten money and to enhance their status among people. Look all the corrupt mafias who spend their majority of days in performing Umra just to deceive common public and this VC type guy is also of the same species.

  5. It is a long history that most of the Pakhtun officers with authority have put Chitrali subordinates in to troubles by misusing their power.Discriminatory behaviour towards Chitralis has been an old prejudice of our bosses. we are among those who have suffered the most in the hands of such double faced “Muslim Officers” of the Education Department of the former NWFP. We hope the administration of our new university (University of Chitral) shall compensate the previous sufferings of Chitrali professors and students.

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