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Iqbal Shaiar, we punished a deviant

By Zafar Ahmad The lynching of Mashal Khan by fellow students at Abdul Wali Khan University, Mardan, was the most shameful yet not an unprecedented event in our near history. On a daily basis such inhuman acts are witnessed which could shake the foundations of any civilized society but for crowds like us such events are well justified. Only a minute minority could dare to condemn such brutalities. For a majority of us, the lynching of people like Mashal Khan is justified and is, in fact, necessary. For, we live in an era where whole of the world conspires against us. The fortress of Islam and our righteous culture is at constant risk from infidels. From Trump to Modi and from Putin to Nithyanyahu all are active to demolish us from the map of the globe. From CIA to Mossad and from RAW to FSB all are in action against us. We are fully aware of the tactics of our enemies and are, therefore, extra cautious about this. To tackle with the vicious tactics of our enemies we device strategies, develop textbooks and train our youth accordingly. Only we are on the righteous path, so, we develop alternative facts and absolute truths which must not be questioned. Being righteous people, it is our divine duty to impose what is right and prevent what we perceive to be wrong. Therefore, we have developed a culture with norms as laws and violation of our cultural norms is a serious crime punishable as hard as lynching on the streets. Iqbal Shair, being the part of this holy society you were supposed to understand this and had to socialize your son as per what the culture dictates you to do. But, as well evident you did not do that. You taught you son to question, to be critical and think beyond what is allowed. Iqbal Shair, how could you forget that asking questions means having doubts on the righteousness of this sacred society and challenging the laws which defend us against our enemies? How could you forget that this is sounding like enemies and, hence, is the same as being traitor? You sent your son to Russia, the country of red infidels, don’t you think this was a proof of disloyalty? You enabled your son to think while you know that our children don’t need to think as we have already determined as what is right, hence must be followed and what is wrong, hence, forbidden. You seem to be inspired from the poem of Khalil Gibran~~ You may give your children your love but not your thoughts, For they have their own thoughts. A teacher said your son was intelligent and critical, which became evident when he gave an interview to a TV channel against the university management. Don’t you think these were enough to lynch him on the campus? Our society is a righteous society and every loyal individual, from illiterate to well educated, from common man to president and from soldier to TV anchor, has a sacred duty to exposing and punishing the traitors on the streets. We, the vigilantes, always remain vigilant to punish any potential traitor. Starting from the near past, Malala and her father were the notorious traitors whom we taught lessons and since then no individual had dared to be on the evil path as they had been. Iqbal Shiar, you had well observed this and were fully aware of it as what it meant to be a loyal and on the righteous track. Yet, you violated the norms by socializing a critical son. Why? Everybody including the leftists understands this and conforms to our cultural norms yet you did not understand. Iqbal, your Swabi is no longer the society where the philosophy of Bacha Khan prevailed once not it is the constituency where Liaqat Ali Khan, Ghandi and Nehru had come. Now, it is the righteous society where Ziaism rules. Iqbal Shair, Quaid after lots of sacrifices laid the foundation of a nation, which was not digestible to our enemies. So, our leaders realized that we needed a crowd rather than a nation to attain a righteous track. Later on, a political clown, ZA Bhutto, tended to undo this righteous mission in the name of enlightenment. At the same time, the red infidels were marching towards us, hence, we found a righteous man, Ziaul Haq, who punished the traitor. Under this righteous man, we achieved many milestones which included developing proper text books and limiting women, the inferior being, to their righteous places. To prevent the wrong deeds, the righteous man turned us from crowds to mobs that are licensed to punish the suspicious elements. You son was one among them perceived to be suspicious, Iqbal Shair. We do what is righteous, Iqbal Shair. This is how we have ensured that the society is on the righteous track. Those who we perceive to be disturbing get their pathetic ends. Yes, we punished your son and, yes, we performed a divine duty and will continue to do so, Iqbal Shiar. And why should we apologize when we are on the righteous track and why should anyone dare to condemn our righteous duties? (The writer is MPhil scholar at the Department of Sociology,University of Peshawar).]]>

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