Shahi Masjid incident has deeply hurt people of Chitral

In a statement sent to ChitralToday, Shah Wazir Lal said: “I have no word to condemn the incident of April 21 in the Shahi Masjid of Chitral in which a lunatic man uttered blasphemous remarks and hurt the sentiments of the Muslims.” He appreciated the role of the mosque’s khateeb, police and security forces in tactfully handling the situation in accordance with the law. However, he demanded that the person should be hanged to death at a public place in Chitral in front of the public for his blasphemous remarks. “We, both the Sunni and Ismaili communities, are deeply hurt by the satanic act of the lunatic man because even an ordinary Muslim cannot think of tolerating such a reprehensible act against Islam or the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him,” he added. He demanded that the man should be punished without any delay so that in future no one even dared to commit such a crime.]]>

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