Thousands stranded at Lowari due to mismanagement

Photo: Shafiqur Rehman[/caption] The NHA had announced that as the army cleared the Lowari Pass of snow, the tunnel would not be opened from Friday. The lack of coordination among the district administration, police and the NHA caused inconvenience to the people of Chitral. The passengers protested against the mismanagement but there was no one to resolve their issue and allow them to continue their journey. The passengers, including women, children and elderly persons, remained stranded in the mountainous area for over nine hours.]]>

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  1. Police has nothing to do with it rather the root cause is dispute over payment of dues for clearing the snow. The lawari top is cleared by Pak Army and the provincial government pays to them for it. Every year often, after clearing the top Army insists for payment before allowing traffic over it. We all know that in Government payment of dues etc. to contractors takes time because of bureaucratic formalities and procedural requirements. Therefore it is better to allow the flow of traffic to facilitate the general public specially the old citizens and those who are travelling on medical grounds. Blocking traffic on pecuniary grounds not only is humiliating for passengers who are travelling on a long route but at the same time bring the repute of our institutions into questions. We hope that senses prevail at all level.

  2. @Ahmad Azam sahib, no body will take notice until Chitralis take notice of their cowardice themselves. Simple as that.

  3. No one will take notice of these issues, because Chitralis are beast and not human. Secondly we do not have leaders as well as media is also mum on this crucial issue. People of Chitral are like football in the hand of NHA, District Administration and Engineering corps which is responsible to remove the snow from the pass. All these players are playing games with the agonies of Chitrali coward people. Through this site Corps commander Peshawar, Prime Minister and others are requested to take notice.

  4. This is totally mismanagement of District Administration. This is not first time it happens frequently. But unfortunately administration keep his eyes closed……… due to unknown reasons.

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