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Workshop on winter livestock feeding held

The training workshop was attended by the participants from the Village Conservation Committees (VCCs), local fodders growers groups and farmers and livestock owners. During the training workshop, the participants were updated about the climate change situations and its impact on the surrounding rangelands which is gradually depleting and going towards desertification. During the training, the community members were sensitized about the alternative ways instead of open grazing practices through cultivation of fodder crops (Medicago sativa) and to promote stall feeding. At the end of the activity, seeds of alfa alfa (Medicago sativa) fodder crop were distributed among the community and demonstrated the appropriate cultivation methods. Total of 4,000 cuttings of native multi-purpose plants were planted along the water channels and degraded water flowing areas to prevent soil erosion and strengthen the water channel banks the plants will also provide fodder during winter season to their livestock. Total 46 participants including 14 women participated in the event.–Kashif Shahzad]]>

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