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Mazhar Ali Shah appointed as acting AC Mastuj

Syed Mazhar Ali Shah[/caption] Deputy Commissioner Chitral Shahab Yousafzai issued the order to fill the post on a temporary basis till the appointment of a new assistant commissioner as people of upper Chitral were facing problems due to absence of any magistrate in the area. People belonging to different walks of life welcomed the decision taken by the deputy commissioner and called upon him to recommend him on a permanent basis given his unblemished track record and excellent public dealing as AAC in the district for the last over three years. They also said that Mazhar had the privilege to work under DC Warraich, and he would definitely come up to the expectations of the people who were looking for an honest officer, adding there could have been no better choice than Mazhar. Mazhar had the privilege to work with three deputy commissioners prominently Osama Ahmad Warraich and Shahab Yousafzai in the district as additional AC and his posting on a permanent basis as the AC Mastuj will be a gift to the people of upper Chitral.]]>

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  1. Marum says

    Dear readers,
    AAC Mazhar kitna qabil kitna acha ya bura hai, all these are not of our concern. The only matter is he is a professional civil servant. As far as his posting in his own area is concerned, again non of our concern. He has to abide by the rules and when it comes performing his duties, he must keep rule of law upfront, and I am sure he is very well capable of doing so. The people of this area talk of those issues where they are not asked for any consent. If he is a govt servant then govt may ask him to go and serve the country anywhere either Chitral or Muhmand. Therefore we should not involve in matters where our precious consent is not sought.
    Since Mazhar is a capable, intelligent, honest and professional civil servant and has got this position after going through a very tough process of selection, which every body can not do, so knows how to do things in a better way. Secondly he has got rich experience of serving public in a supervision late Usama Warraich, who was a well known public friendly civil servant.
    We wish AAC Mazhar a very good best of luck and serve the nation who is in dire of need of civil servant like Mazhar.

  2. Danial says

    shehla,shafeeq and ali madad, yours comments shows that You need ranker ACs who cant speak your language. A common men must not be able to communicate his problems with AC. The rules you are discussing shows that all that rules have been made by you ppl. To serve the people of booni a person must have sincerity and ability, I dont think boundaries like Wakhan matter so much. your comments shows that you personally dislikes AC. I think you have struggled alot to pass PMS but failed and jealousy always exist in failure. Next time first think about your words than speak.

  3. Ali madad khan says

    kanduri jam mosh ki hoy tan elaqq a magistrate bik qanon khilafwarzi…pti hokumat policy kia di officer tan elaqa posting no boy…ac sahib dur charna duty buniaa. he zagha khur kos outside subdivision nafri posting belik….

  4. karim begal says

    ac sahib jam mosh bazad khud magam tan elaqo royan sum dealing kafi mushkil boy…alghani tan sahi oshoy

  5. Liaquat Ali says

    Mr. Mazhar Ali has a strong background and a capable officer, shall surely be able to run his new office successfully to the entire satisfaction and expectation of the people of the area. His posting in Mastuj is very much welcomed. With prayers and best wishes for Mazhar Ali.

  6. jalil says

    What is merit or rule anyone having connection can get any post, the main thing is the person should serve the people as public servant not try to become their boss.

  7. Shafeeq Sudais says

    Here I may venture to differ with the worthy writer. On the one hand the learned writer has figured out myriad irregularities regarding posting/transfer of teachers by EDO(female) being inconsistent with the laid down rules and procedures in one of his posts,on the other he eulogizes the posting of Mazhar Ali Shah as an AC Mastuj. Here it is important to note that Officers of management/executive cadres are not posted to their home Districts as per laid down rules/policy. But Chitral is an exception where officers hailing from the same district are usually posted as AC’s because officers belonging to other districts are reluctant to serve in Chitral being hard area but even in this case it is made sure and taken care of that he or she must not be be posted to his/her Tehsil to avoid potential nepotism or undue favour likely to be showered upon his own kith and kin.So how can Mazhar be posted to his home division as an AC.If such a makeshift arrangement has at all been made by DC Chitral in order to dispose of routine cases till the arrival of regular AC it is not a big news to be highlighted here as officers are usually assigned such tasks on routine basis.There is no need to use exaggerated and sugar coated language in favour of a mediocre officer who has arisen to such a position by sheer coincidence and stroke of good luck.Such an unnecessary eulogy gives the impression that there is somthing fishy fishy at the bottom.

    1. Zulfiqar says

      @Shafeeq: Mazhar is a very good friend of mine and there was nothing like eulogizing, flattering etc. I wrote all this because he deserved our appreciation for whatever he’s done during his stay there.
      Let me make it clear to you that I am NOT impressed of his position at all…these ACs are my foot. He has been posted there on temporary basis and if given an opportunity, he can really make a difference.
      And let me assure you that I will be the first one to write against Mazhar if he is doing sth wrong.
      Also for your kind information, Tariq Mehmood, DMO Chitral, who is also a very lovely friend, had to face the criticism by no other than me which I’m sure could have been really difficult if it had been you.
      So anybody – whether Mazhar, Tariq, Abdul Akram or any other PMS officer from Chitral – fully deserves to be elevated as AC Mastuj.
      It would be unfair if I didn’t mention Rukhsana Jabeen – the first female Chitrali AAC. I would suggest that she should be posted as AC Mastuj – you will see she will ROCK because she is equally talented.
      I’m sure this is clear to you so stop all this nonesense!

      1. CHITRALWALA says

        I am NOT impressed of his position at all…these ACs are my foot–This is not the right language of an educated person.

  8. parviz lal says

    Welcome sir

  9. Masood Anwar says

    Good decision made by current DC.we the people of upper chitral in majority welcome the appointment of Mazhar ali shah as Acting AC for Mastuj. he worked in secretariate as section officer and in field as AAC for a couple of years. insha allah based on his performance in his current assignment he would be recommended as AC mastuj.

  10. Kalim kosht says

    Our fingers are crossed for u to b AC from acting Ac in a near future

  11. Kalim kosht says

    Congratulationsss SIR! Salute U..

  12. shehla hakim says

    Let me record my dissent from my brothers who hailed Mazhar Ali Shah. We, the Chitralis, left no stone unturned to shower admiration on the person who come to wield some power in his or her hand. Munshi Azizud Din is right in his remarks about Chitrali who has termed them as flutterers of first degree.
    As far as i have some experience about the efficiency of Mr. Mazhar as being the daughter of Chitral, he is not fit for the assignment. In a nut-shell, Mr. Mazhar is misfit for the glorius job of AC Mastuj whose borders touched Wakhan.

    1. Masood Anwar says

      Ms shehla karim could you plz share your opinion about the efficiency of Mr Mazhar Ali shah.if a person works on an assignment of AAC for more than three years with good performance on the job as admired by his boss Ex-DC shaheed wiraich. plz be argumentative and prudent while opposing someone.

    2. Sher Jan says

      @ Shehla Hakeem.Could you please share your experiences (as a doughter of Chitral) with Mazhar’s inefficiencies. What kind of inefficiencies you had observed. And also kindly enlightened us about the qualities for the glorious job of AC Mastuj?

  13. shamsul Haq says

    We extend our extreme thanx to DC chitral for this development .

  14. Kamal A Jamil says

    Syed Mazhar Ali Shah is competent and professional officer. His services were remarkable during his stay in Chitral as AAC Revenue. His posting in Mastuj will be productive for the area.
    But the people of Tehsil Chitral will miss him a lot.

  15. Sher Wali Khan Aseer says

    Mr. Mazhar Ali Shah is welcomed to Mastuj Sub Division as Assistant Commissioner. We are hopeful that he will run the office, efficiently and prove that to be a local administrator doesn’t matter for an officer who knows his duties.

  16. safdar says

    Good decision Mazhar is a professional with maturity which will positively contribute for the betterment of upper Chitral. We welcome AC Mazhar Ali Shah in upper chitral. We are requesting to DC Chitral for the permanent placement of AC Mazhar in upper Chitral.

  17. Fazal bari says

    Good decision mazhar is fit for the post.he is intellegent nd the public of chitral like him

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