Workers wait for reorganization of PTI in Chitral

The participants of the meeting, held at the local PTI leader Rehmat Ghazi, expressed their views on the party matter. They said that the PTI workers in Chitral had long been waiting for the reorganization of the party in Chitra. They expressed the hope that the party leadership would bring forward honest, sincere and active people to lead the PTI in Chitral. They claimed that  a majority of people in Chitral wanted a change as visualized by the PTI chairman Imran Khan. The speakers, including Rehmat Ghazi Khan, Muhammad Latif, Allauddin Urfi, Muhammad Yaqub, Charshanbe Khan, Abdul Majeed Qureshi, Wazir Zada, Muhammad Aslam, Muhammad Aslam and Sher Ahmad, vowed to make the PTI unbeatable in the valley till the next elections.]]>

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