High achievers awarded at Eid Milan in Kosht

Tehsil Nazim Mastuj Maulana Yousaf was the chief guest and renowned educationist, principal Islamia Model School Mr. Saad Roomi presided over the ceremony. Tehsil Nazim praised the successful students and honored their parents. He was of the view that, tournaments during exam times had badly affected the performance of the students. He warned that if steps were not taken to stop such kind of unnecessary practice, it will play havoc to the future of the youth. He told the audience of the steps being taken by him to tackle the underlying issue. Tehsil nazim appreciated and assured BSS of his support. In his presidential address, Mr. Roomi said that, quality is a shared responsibility and everybody must strive to maintain quality in whatever he/she does. He was of the view that, honesty and trustworthiness should be the cornerstone on which every student life must be based upon .He reiterated the need of hard work and dedication in order to achieve excellence throughout life. Managing director BSS Kosht Mr. Adnan Zain Ul Abidin congratulated the successful  students and apprised the audience of the” Talent Hunt Scholarship Scheme”. He said, steps were being taken to ensure the availability of quality education to every deserving student under the scholarship program. He informed the participants that, BSS Kosht had been endeavoring to include every those scholar who is prone to be devoid of education owing to scarcity of financial resources. The chairperson of CHEERY, a newly established NGO intended to provide financial assistance to the needy students, explained the mission of the organization and requested BSS management to cooperate with them to further their cause. Village council Kosht 2 Nazim Mr. Mursalin extolled the role which BSS had been playing to promote quality education in the area. He further suggested the parents to admit their children in BSS, so that, in addition to avoid additional cost, their children may get affordable quality education at their door steps. Principal BSS Kosht Mr. Ihsanullah welcomed the guest and received round of applause when he shared the short success story of the institution. Shields and medals were distributed among students who secured position in their respective schools. A high achiever student named Ms.Rumaila Parveen, daughter of Naim Ullah from GHS Kosht thanked BSS management for arranging such an encouraging program. She said that, such kind of encouragements may prove to be morale booster for the students and will help them succeed in future. In his concluding speech, the administrator BSS Kosht Mr.Naman Zain Ul Abidin humbly thanked the honorable chief guest and all the participants who attended the ceremony.–Shadman Zainul -Abideen]]>

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