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  1. Saeed Ali says

    Heartiest congratulations on achieving the mile stone. She is an example and source of motivation for other chitrali girls.

  2. Muhammad Hakim says

    I am very glad to see this news about my student Bushra Faizi that she has completed her M.PhilI .
    Once a time I had been handed over a letter BY one of my Students that was written by Dr Inayatullah Fazi sahab on a page of his personal writing pad addressing me that respected teacher Muhammad Hakim it is requested please if you could teach tuition physics and mathematics to my daughters Bushar Faizi and Fauzia Faizi,I would be thankful to you.I agreed and taught both of them two fundamental subjects of class 10th because at the same time I was also their School QPS Danin teacher.Today if my hypothesis is not wrong about the above named Bushara Faizi as my old student,I extremely appreciate her excellent and great achievement in the filed of Pure Economics from the Pakistan Institute of Development economics (PIDE) Islamabad.
    I congratulate to her and her parents on this happiest occasion of her completion of M.Phil.
    Muhammad Hakim
    SWMU China

  3. Usra Shaukat says

    Very nice to hear that. I hope you will continue your studies with the same zeal in the future.

  4. Farooq Ahmad says

    Congrats for the completion of M.Phil,. The topic of Research is indeed very important, in the current national scenario. keep it up.

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