Snowfall, road blockade cause food crisis in Broghil

Crisis brewing in blocked Broghil valley

The dirt track leading to Broghil, the far-off valley from Mastuj is still blocked as boulders, stones and debris could not be removed. In some places, the road is also cut off due to avalanches and flooding in streams.

Broghil village council nazim Amin Tajik and councillor Sartaj Nabi told local correspondents after reaching the Chitral town on Saturday that the valley had run out of essential food items and its residents were in an urgent need of supplies.

They said the cattleheads of the inhabitants, the main source of their income, were dying due to the shortage of fodder. They called upon the federal and the provincial governments, the deputy commissioner Chitral and the commandant of Chitral Scouts to arrange urgent supply of essential commodities to the valley to save the lives of the people of the area.—Bashir Hussain Azad 

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