Reshun residents want solar panels for every household

reshun At a meeting presided over village council nazim Shahzada Munir, the participants including village council naib nazim Nasir Ullah, councillors Dr Iqbal, Muhammad Ishaq, Muhammad Ali, youth councilor Anisur Rehman, former UC nazim Amir Ullah, Abu Laes Ramdasi, Jinnah manager, Mr Jaffar, Khowaja Nizam Uddin Advocate, Pir Sardar Hussain of Green Lasht, retired Subedar-Major Kaka Jan, Rehmat Nadir, retired Subedar Amir Uddin, retired Captain Mir Bahadur Khan, Dinar Murad and others said electricity is one of the basic needs of the citizens and keeping this in mind the KP government should provide solar panels to each and every household in the Reshun town and nearby areas. They said before the July-Aug 2015 floods, the Reshun powerhouse provided electricity to the whole area but even after seven months the government had failed to start work on the reconstruction of the powerhouse. They said the provision of solar panels was not a substitute to the reconstruction of the Reshun powerhouse but it should be considered as a temporary arrangement and provided to everyone till the powerhouse is rebuilt. They said the local administration of Mastuj had ignored the requirements of the people and provided only 450 panels to the whole Reshun town, adding the residents would launch a protest movement until every household got the panel. They also criticized PTI leader and councilor Rehmat Ghazi and said he had been making hollow promises with the people which would not be tolerated anymore.—Syed Nazir Hussain ]]>

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