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Experts discuss cultural commonalities between Iran and Chitral

culture The theme of the seminar was “Cultural and lingual commonalities between Iran and Pakistan.” Three papers from Chitral have been accepted for publication in the proceedings later this year. The paper by Muhammad Irfan discusses the contribution of earlier poets of Chitral in Persian poetry and literature. It gives vast coverage to poets from Muhammad Shukur and Baba Siyar to Mirza Ghufran, Muazzam Khan Azam and tens of other. In his paper, Shahzada Tanvirul Mulk has compiled a brief description of correspondence in Persian as the official language in the offices of the former state of Chitral. Letters written to neighbouring states by the rulers of Chitral and documents of judicial proceedings have been taken into account. Dr Inayat ullah Faizi in his paper deliberates on the role of Persian as a part of curriculum in the formal and non-formal education system of the erstwhile Chitral state. The writers from Chitral also held a meeting with Alisher S. Janonov, the ambassador of the Republic of Tajikistan in Islamabad and discussed matter related to cultural affinities between Chitral and neighbouring Tajikistan. ]]>

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