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  1. Chitral Thinkers Forum or if we call it Chitral Think Tank comments are largely accepted and recognized here. This is the right and as well as the high time that we the people of Chitral should first of all work for strengthening values of our youth and go for Chitralization on the and following the pattern of the people of Hunza. Their main stance is that they sell off their landed property only on their own family members, neighbors and finally villagers. At any cost they do not sell it on people from outside Hunza. So far in Chitral we have gone too far of this stance. Though late but even now we should think over it making and passing a legislation in District Government Assembly not to sell off landed property on people from outside Chitral. We should emphasize our MPAs and MNA to support the Government in Province and in the Centre enabling themselves to get maximum benefits for Chitral and the people of Chitral. They are further requested to support the DC Chitral in execution of his power and authorities for beautification of Chitral.

  2. Our society has perhaps become accustomed to drug peddling like a disable person habituated to his handicaps. Our law enforcing agencies role in tackling drug peddling is not unknown to the public. Under the nose of police sentinels, lies the shop of a big dealer of churse and opium in chitral bazar. In every village, there is either an independent dealer of churse or agents of big dealers. Villages of khurkashandeh, danine etc have independent drug peddlers known to everyone. Owing to DC chitrals commendable move against them, the peddlers were out of sight for a brief span of time but it is told they have got bail from high court peshawer and started their business inclandestinly with the accomplice of black sheep in the police department. This hide and seek continues but this time at least some fear is observed because of the presence of an iron man(d c chitral) at the helms. Such rare officers come for a short period but this cancer needs to be discarded from the handicapped body of our society through categorical reforms in our judicial system and policing structure otherwise measures taken by honest officers like honourable osama warraich will have a briefly soothing effect subject to their presence in the district only.

  3. CHITRAL THINKER’S FORUM (( MEETING )) . . . JAN 10, 2016
    A meeting of Chitral Thinker’s Forum held، and number of crucial issues discussed. ((( 1))) In the meeting it has been held that China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is very important project which should not be made controversial and the problems pertaining to the issue should be resolved on technical basis rather than political basis. A SHORTEST and DIRECT possible way to Gawadar should be adopted. ….
    ((( 2 ))) Prime Minister Pakistan announced Tajikistan to Chitral Road and Chakdara to Chitral Motor Way in his visit to Chitral, and Chitrali leaders should expedite this process. It will LINK CA to SA and bring Economic and Strategic betterment in the region. …
    ((( 3 ))) It has also been requested to concern authorities to stop humiliate the people at Lawari Tunnel in the lowest temperature while many of passengers are women, patients and students, and proper schedule of tunnel passage should be followed strictly. ….
    ((( 4 ))) Deputy Commissioner Chitral drive against encroachments is also discussed in the meeting and all the members appreciated the initiatives with letter and spirit. Such an example and activism should be followed in others areas too, then a great constructive change and stability will certainly come. ….
    ((( 5 ))) Muslim Umma is facing internal and external threat from Libya to Afghanistan due to NATO alliance strategic interference in the region. A Zionist conspiracy has designed a nefarious planning to INVOLVE/Engage Saudi Arabia, Iran and Pakistan in war, hence to transform it into a Total war between Muslims even to engage Moderates elements in it. Pakistani Leadership is expected to ideate the situation and Play a diplomatic, constructive and Big Brother’s role through dialogue and negotiations, and to be Part of Solution. . . .

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