Dr Faizi hails AKES Chitral’s services to eradicate educational retrogression

CHITRAL: Prominent literary figure and writer Dr Inayatullah Faizi appreciated Aga Khan Education Service (AKES) for promoting women education in Chitral and Gilgit-Baltistan. 

Addressing the audience, Dr Inayat Ullah Faizi said that the progress of a nation lied in the teachers. He referred to the founder of modern China Mr. Mao Tse-Tung as he was a teacher, who rendered herculean services to uplift China economically and to provide them with a platform towards scientific advancement. He appreciated the endeavors of AKES, P Chitral saying that AKES, P had been rendering valuable services to promote literacy and then quality education in Chitral. AKES, P played praiseworthy role to educate girls in a remote area like Chitral, which has led towards better literacy in the region. He highlighted the current step of encouraging and recognizing the services of the teachers as a positive step towards the acquisition of quality teaching and learning. Dr Faizi emphasized on the government to take such steps for improving quality of government education system. He said that introducing career counseling and guidance programme in the educational institutions will nurture the young generation towards their holistic grooming. Mr. Muhammad Afzal, the president Ismaili Council Lower Chitral, presided over the session and expressed his views on the occasion. He reminded the teachers of the heavy responsibility on the shoulders to groom a child thus to become a source of development of a nation. 

General Manager AKES, P, Chitral Brigadier (R) Khush Muhammad Khan also addressed the audience and said that the programme was being held to honor the valuable services of the teachers. He said that Aga Khan Schools were established in 1980s, when female literacy rate was about two percent in Chitral. Parents’ motivation to send their children to schools was a hindrance yet the schools coped up the challenges with the commitment and consistent hard work of the teachers. The ceaseless efforts of teachers helped AKES, P Chitral in providing quality education from primary to higher secondary level in this remote. He also shared with the audiences that AKES, P is consistent in its programme of providing quality education. One aspect of this programme is to honor those teachers who performed very well on the basis of their annual appraisals for the year 2014-15. He assured the teachers that AKES’P will leave no stone unturned in facilitating the teachers. He further said that AKES,P was working to come up with more quality enhancement measures including induction of well qualified School Heads and their training in AKU-IED and Institute of Business Administration Karachi, stepwise up-gradation of the existing schools, establishment of ECD centres, professional grooming of teachers, provision and improving the physical infrastructure of the schools, which will further enrich the atmosphere for quality teaching and learning.

Mr. Farman Dullah representing the teachers extended his high gratitude to AKES, P for launching a grand occasion as Teacher’s Recognition Day which will verily boost up the morale of the teachers. At the end of the programme AKES, P Special Diaries were distributed and garlands were made worn to the teachers with 25 years or more service. On the occasion 22 teachers from 18 Aga Khan Schools in Lower Chitral were presented cheques of bonus prizes. Out of which 12 teachers received a cheque of Rs.35,000 each, 9 teachers got Rs.50, 000 each and 1 teacher was awarded with a cheque of Rs.75,000. Another programme will be organized for the teachers of Upper Chitral sometime in February 2016.

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  1. One of the biggest issues with AKESP in Chitral is the low packages for their staff. One the biggest priority of the new management should be to increase the salaries and other benefits, so that the teachers could be able to make their end meet. When the staff are fully motivated they will only be able to perform well. Giving cheques for their performance is a good step but their should be something well thought structure of benefits that are consistent with the labor markets. At this time the AKES teachers are getting lower salaries even from other locally run private institutions. We had seen the teachers holding rallies against the management in the past.

  2. Unfortunately AKESP Service is still not reached valleys like Broghil.Before 2012 we were managing CBSs Schools with illiterate village education committee ‘chairman and teachers having hardly metric passed.Then Thanks to Centre Asia Gilgit,who has established very furnished buildings,started teacher trainings annually for all CBSs in upper Yarkhun and Broghil.Recruted best teachers from Lower villages and posted them to Broghil.Providing good salaries,introduced ECDs.Otherwise we were closing all CBSs in the valley due to lack of resources and teachers.I have been requesting AKESP for taking these schools on periority based into their regular system.I have made two visits to Karachi in 2005 and 2012 to arrange meeting with their CEO and Chairman.Everytime They have promised to accept our request and make all possible arrangements.Today unfortunately in upper Yarkhun AKESP has got no single Middle and High Schools.The overall literary rate of the whole valley is 3% included primary passed.Similarly Gobor is lacking educational facilities,the poor Shakies Tribes like ours deprived from education and largly addicted..Still Those teachers are teaching in AKRSP’Schools,who have done their metrics in regular school system and then completed rest of their degrees from private sources like AIOU by requesting others to complete their assignments.The best teachers in AKESP Schools are still getting salaries lower than a senior class four in government primary schools

  3. This is really a millstone in the chitral’s history. We hope that Brg Sir will make the AKES P as a role model for others.

  4. It’s to tell you Shams, it was the already part of AKESP’s new policy of giving bonus on the basis of their performance.

  5. This is a good initiative taken in the history of AKESP, we hope that Brig Khosh Mohd Sb will utilize his outstanding experience to serve AKESP according to the mission of His Highness The AGa Kahn.

  6. I would beg my respected teacher Faizi that Mao was teacher, who took up the herculean task of bringing communist revolution, not economic revolution. secondly it does not making sense his phrase of ‘plateform for scientific advancement’ which is not clear what does scientific advancement mean? May be the reporter has twisted making it good has made it very bad.

  7. AKESP has been doing a great service in the field of girls education in the far flung and remote areas of Chitral.The AKESP teachers have been playing a pivotal role in teaching in the far flung and remote areas despite many visible constraints.AKESP always considered teachers training or refreshers courses the most important factors in improving the quality of education in Chitral and elsewhere and that has brought great positive academic changes in AKES Schools in Chitral.
    Recognition or teachers’appreciation for their outstanding services in their respective schools was the desperate need of the hour and this day of recognition would build up their morale and confidence further and there stands a great chance of healthy educational competition among the teacher community in the years ahead.Besides all these success stories there is still a long way to go because our educational competition is not within the district and you can take it beyond Inshaallah
    Nizar Ali Shah
    Harchin Chitral

  8. It is indeed a stepping stone towards the endeavour for the dissemination and acquisition of qualitative and conducive learning milieu in order to equip the young generation with conceptual global understanding of their role as global active citizens.

  9. A very appreciable initiative of the AKES,P, Chitral. Recognition of meritorious performance of teachers will, surely boost educational standard of the schools, and encourage positive competition among the teachers. We are hopeful that our educationist brigadier, Khosh Muhammad Khan would prove a successful educational manager and leader. The names of the bonus winning teachers should have been notified for public appreciation.

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