BLSO thanks donors for helping flood affectees

BOONI: The BLSO has thanked donors for helping students affected by the floods in Chitral.

Speaking during a meeting, the members thanked different donors such as HANDS, Al Khidmat and AKDN on behalf of the community of the area for their quick response during the recent flash floods.

Manager BLSO Sher Afzal informed the meeting that Mr. and Mrs. Rushdan (Sehrish) collected Rs200,000 donation in Canada and would soon send the amount to the BLSO for distribution of food items among the affected people. The members thanked both Mr. and Mrs. Rushdan and the Canadian people for their donation and sympathies with teh flood-affecetd people of Chitral.

The Canadian government and people always helped Pakistan particularly Chitral through different organizations and have been playing a vital role for the sustainable development of this mountainous area. They also thanked the ministry of science and technology KP for providing water kits to the affecetd people.

The meeting was also informed that HANDS, a civil society organization, had also promised to provide shelters to the owners of 250 fully and as many partially damaged houses in the area. The board members of the BLSO appealed to NGOs and philanthropists to assist more and more of the flood affectees in upper Chitral because they are in a very difficult situation and need rehabilitation and relief goods.


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