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Some pictures burst out the reality

By Aziz Qazi
This picture created pain, discomfort and distrust inside me besides keeping me awake for the whole night. I found the picture in a disaster collection from Chitral.
boy copyI don’t know what actually this innocent boy is thinking about but the sprinkle on his coat, his innocent haircut, the misery and hopelessness on his face, a huge destruction around, the posture of his hands, small fingers, dirt on the hands and around the nails detonated the reality that how hard he had struggled for life, how hard every moment he survived, he lost many things he loved, he don’t even understand how to react at this situation.
Tears and sadness are very minor reactions after glancing at this picture. I don’t have that much potential or am not capable to pick all these innocent and brave people from the circle of hopelessness, poverty, deprivation and bleakness to land of hope, sufficiency, possession and admiration but we all are proficient and capable to hold the hand of the individual and say why are you depressed and feeling impossibility we are with you and let’s face all these misery together.
If we can’t devote our lives to these people at least try once in your life and I hope the joy, satisfaction, happiness and inner peace you will experience will be very unique and an inspiring experience you ever had.
These are the people who after losing everything related to them will give you remaining with a smile on their face if you need any. Some pictures don’t display any story because they burst out of the reality.


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  1. Aziz Qazi says

    Thank you so much dear Ali Akber Qazi and Insha’Allah I will.

  2. Ali Akber Qazi says

    Dear Qazi
    I really appreciate your efforts and it is outstanding. Please keep posting these ideas which are source of reformation in the society.

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