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Needed E-tendering system in C&W dept

We all are in a favour of better change. Every society tends to move towards a better condition and progress. etenderThe process of change is based on intentions, discoveries, reforms, planning, progressive policy making and revolutions. If these activities exist, there will be a change in the society. A few day ago, tenders were floated in newspapers by the C&W department Chitral for different projects works but still its results have not been displayed on the website of the deaprtment. Being a contractor of the C&W, we consider that the KPK government has failed to introduced E-tender system in Chitral. Its policy and planning seem to have failed because neither the employees of the C&W department have been trained nor any workshop arranged for them. Due to this, the department is being run without any planning and the contractors of the department are facing lots of difficulties in their tenders. We appeal to the government to take notice of the issue and ensure the introduction of an E-tender system in Chitral. Otherwise the old system of tender should be restored. Ali Nawaz social activist Peshawar.]]>

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  1. Noor Baig says

    PTI govt should definitely be thinking about it as they stand for change. They have started good work in most of the departments and the mother of all evil department C&W should be held by the horns.

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