KIU’s hospitality

GILGIT: During the recent visit of President Mamnoon Hussain to the Karakorum International University (KIU), the management of the cash-starved institution went ahead of all its means and spent Rs20 million on the hospitality to the guest, it has been learnt. kiuSources in the university said that the university management spent the huge amount on the protocol of the president. For the guests, the hotel spent Rs10 million on food items requisitioned from the Serena Hotel, Gilgit. It may be noted that during his visit the president did not announce any development funds except promising to open a campus of the university. The university management has for long complained about the lack of funds to provide facilities to the students and teachers. The lavish spending of the meager resources on the president’s visit will add to its financial woes. A perturbed KIU student]]>

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