Interview: Without hard work success not possible

Report A.M. Khan, Charun Faryal Subhani, from the Rehsun village of upper Chitral, qualified the entry test of both the AKU and KMC this year. In her interview with ChitralToday, she said hard work was the key to her success. : Briefly tell us about yourself? faryal copyFaryal Subhani: I belong to Reshun, a small village in upper Chitral. My father works with a private firm in Dubai and my mother is a teacher in a government school. I have three younger sisters and one brother. where did you receive your education up to FSc level? FS: My primary schooling was in Reshun. After qualifying the placement test in Grade-8, I got admission to the Aga Khan Higher Secondary School, Kuragh, where I did my marticulation and FSc. How did you find AKHSS, Kuragh, helpful in achieving your goal ? FS: I found AKHSS a best school. It provides all facilities which are necessary for today’s student to make possible what one wants to be in future . What is your opinion about the students of AKHSS? FS: Having spent five years in AKHSS, I found every student talented, hard working and decent. They try their level best to get maximum benefit out from the given resources in school for learning. Could you comment briefly on your teachers in the school? FS: The teachers of AKHSS were really best who were always open to support me in studies and helping in learning. To whom you pay the credit for your success? FS: My parents at home and my teachers at school deserve to be credited for my success in qualifying the medical tests with other family members, relatives and friends who gave their support on different times. Which medical test you qualified and where would you like to pursue your medical education, could you tell us more about? FS: I had appeared in the medical test of the Aga Khan University (AKU), National University of Science and Technology(NUST) and Khyber Medical College (KMC), and luckily qualified in all the three tests. After all , due to quality education, I would prefer to continue education at the AKU. What would be your message to the aspiring medical students in Chitral? FS: I have only one message for all, that is ‘work very hard that is the only key to success and without it success in life is not possible’.]]>

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  1. Congratulations to all HSSians:
    We owe a special depth of gratitude to AKHSS for turning us into flaming torches for change and revolution without which we would come to standstill.
    AKHSS, started its journey on the path of education from a small rented building along with three teachers and forty students. Fortunately, we were among those lucky seeds which were sowed in the garden of this Learning Centre. Being nourished by the magnanimous teachers, those seeds germinated very rapidly and after a compatible struggle of seven years, now the tree heavy laden with fruits is manifested to all.
    Bundle of Thanks to all of my TEACHERS…

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