Health workers in Chitral regularized

CHITRAL, Sept 27: The health department has regularized the services of all the lady health workers (LHWs) and health supervisors having over 10 years of service. Lady Health Programme’s district coordinator Dr Ibrahim Khan said the number of LHWs (BPS-5) and lady health supervisors (BPS-7) was 475 and 20 respectively besides 18 drivers working in BPS-4. healthHe said that LHWs were appointed in all the 24 union councils of the district and they had been playing a vital role in provision of primary healthcare facilities to the people at their doorsteps. He said that the present strength of the LHWs covered 87 per cent of total population of the district, which is vast and sparsely populated area, making one-fifth of the total area of the province. Dr Khan said that the far-off areas of the district, including Broghil, Gobor and Terich, had been provided with LHWs and they were providing health services to the local people. He said that Chitral had no polio case, adding that LHWs had made the vaccination campaign a success by dint of their dedication and hard work. He said that regularisation of service would encourage the health workers to serve the rural people with enthusiasm. However, for the over 4,000 population of Kalash tribe residing in three segregated valleys, there is only one LHW. Dr Khan said that the number of health workers in Kalash areas would be raised in due course of time.–Dawn]]>

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