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PTI Chitral workers vow to continue sit-in till PM resigns

ISLAMABAD, Aug 22: Scores of PTI Chitral workers and activists from Chitral are also staying in Islamabad and actively participating in the sit-in of the party.

In a statement, PTI Chitral leader Haji Sultan Muhammad said that they have come to the federal capital on the call of Imran Khan and would not go back until the demands of the party were met. He said that the resignation of the prime minister was on top of the demand and without it negotiations with the government would not be held.

He said that he and his party workers had come to Islamabad after spending over 23 hours on the road and would return only after getting their demands fulfilled. He claimed that the PML-N had come to power through rigging and it was an insult to the masses of the country.—Jahan Zeb

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  1. Arshad says

    I’ve seen most of these people roaming in Chitral bazar while the protest continues at Islamabad.

  2. Ali akbar says

    Dear all,
    Nice PTI Zinda Bad

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