Making Gwadar-Central Asia highway project possible

The Gwadar to Central Asia national highway is very near to come into being after the completion of the Lowari tunnel project in a few years. But it is essential to start work on the construction of the highway and before the completion of the Lowari tunnel and maintain it later. If it is cleared that we have no capacity to build it within the specific time, we have to search the easiest way and possibilities to achieve this national importance project. This is very clear that this land road from Central Asia to Gwadar is the essential need of the Russian federation and all the independent Islamic states to reach the deep waters. The length of this historical international highway will be only 2000 kilometers from Central Asia to Gwadar through the Lowari tunnel and peaceful Chitral valley. This highway was surveyed by the NHA in 1993 in the government of the PML-N and called the Chitral-Garam Chashma Eshkashim highway project. Now we can make a consortium of all 10 countries to make the work plan and strategies to start the project. Pakistan will provide only land according to the shortest route from Gwadar to Dora Pass in Garam Chashma. Our beloved country will provide peaceful environment and residential facilities and labours on the request of the working countries and parties. The other stalk holders will divide the length of 2000 kilometers between each other and start the construction of the all-weather road to connect Central Asia with hot water. This project will facilitate all Asian countries to meet each other. If Pakistan wants to link India through this road, both the countries will take care of each other’s interests and this will bring peace to this region too. We can make an agreement with Iran and all Arab countries to use this highway to reach the natural beauties and historical road and indigenous culture of this area. Now it is our duty to call a meeting of all stalk holders on a seminar, and meeting sponsored by the Government and NHA, any other NGO, and Pakistan chamber of commerce and industries, The best and the most suitable party is the Ministry of communication, if this high way is the signatory of satiability and income generation than it is our duty to struggle for it, and we can make it possible to build this on no profit no cost basses through all interest holder countries of Central Asia ,Iran, India  too. The GASE Pipe Line and electricity, line can be done and draw through this high way too. The railway line exists up too  Warsak dam and Dargai in KP this line can be drawn through Afghanistan from Warsak dam side to Chitral river through Jalalabad, Asadabad up to Birkoot  and then Arandu, Drosh, Chitral, Reshun, Booni, Mastuj,Yarkhun, Broghil and Wakhan, Tajikistan. This line can be drawn though river Chitral. This railway line will be about 1000 Kilometers from Warsak dam to Dushanbe through Chitral valley. The Lowari tunnel mega project will be came income generation project only if this Gwader to Central Asia National High Way is constructed before the completion of it. Inayatullah Aseer social worker, Chitral]]>

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