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Do you have scorpion?

It seems strange when you see a human being searching for otherwise his foe, scorpion, not for killing the specie rather with the aim to get more wealth by selling the poisonous specie. It is now happening and a large number of people are seen in search of different species including scorpion, frog and flaying leopard lizards. scorpion According to media reports, the poison of these species were being used in vaccine for AIDS treatment. Media reports said the search operation was continuing across the country particularly in the plain areas of Sindh where landlords and rich people have formed teams for the purpose. The reports further said that the search teams were busy in locating the species in old buildings, ruins as well as in old age wells. This news has also reached the mountainous district of Chitral where every person could be find talking about this business and well being opportunity. This scribe has seen number of people having scorpions in bottles and in search of buyers. A citizen said he sold three scorpions at the rate of 12 to 15 hundred rupees. This suspicious business has attracted a large number of people who having dreams of lucrative future walk pole and post to find their luck: scorpion. According to the media reports, the rate of scorpion with a weight of 200 gram is more than one billion rupees whereas Jeko Lizard having scale of 75 gram is rated between 10 to 30 million whereas frog of 500 gram it is two to five million rupees. One person quoted to be associated with this business told ChitralToday that they had been moving in different parts of KP in search of scorpions but till they could not find the required product. However, he opined that there were less chances of availability of the required scorpions in mountainous area like Chitral. He confirmed that main dealers were based in Islamabad and Lahore. Anyhow, search was in progress across the district and we wish all the best.]]>

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  1. Mr. Chitral says

    For over 30 years, HIV/AIDS has wreaked havoc in the world. In the absence of an effective vaccine for HIV, development of new anti-HIV agents is urgently needed. Scientist previously identified the antiviral activities of the scorpion-venom-peptide-derived mucroporin-M1 for three RNA viruses (measles viruses, SARS-CoV, and H5N1). In this investigation, a panel of scorpion venom peptides and their derivatives were designed and chosen for assessment of their anti-HIV activities. A new scorpion venom peptide derivative Kn2-7 was identified as the most potent anti-HIV-1 peptide by screening assays with an EC50 value of 2.76 µg/ml (1.65 µM) and showed low cytotoxicity to host cells with a selective index (SI) of 13.93. Kn2-7 could inhibit all members of a standard reference panel of HIV-1 subtype B pseudotyped virus (PV) with CCR5-tropic and CXCR4-tropic NL4-3 PV strain. Furthermore, it also inhibited a CXCR4-tropic replication-competent strain of HIV-1 subtype B virus. Binding assay of Kn2-7 to HIV-1 PV by Octet Red system suggested the anti-HIV-1 activity was correlated with a direct interaction between Kn2-7 and HIV-1 envelope. These results demonstrated that peptide Kn2-7 could inhibit HIV-1 by direct interaction with viral particle and may become a promising candidate compound for further development of microbicide against HIV-1.

  2. Taj M. Khan says

    Scorpion venom is a potent painkiller natural compounds, chemically scorpion venom (toxins) r peptides. These peptides are as potent as morphine having high specificity towards sodium channels (receptor) at the molecular level. Different research groups in the world are trying to develop new class of drugs (painkillers) from these toxins. The other side of the story is that the Chinese recognized its effectiveness hundreds of years ago.The Chinese practitioners of what we call ‘alternative medicine,’ use scorpion venom, believing it to have powerful analgesic properties.

  3. Fida Chitrali says

    AMP (Anti Microbial Peptides) are extracted from these species to treat Microbial, Viral & Fungal infections & also used as anticancer agents.

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