A thumps up to the maulana!

ISLAMABAD, June 22: The hardliner Islamist political party, Jamaat-e-Islami, Chitral chapter, outclassed all the secular and so-called enlightened political parties by bringing out female university students to Ataleeq Bazaar in Chitral to hold a rally against non-allocation of funds for the establishment of a university in Chitral. mullaThis was perhaps the first ever protest of its kind in the history of Chitral in which female burqa-clad university students took to the streets with full enthusiasm, chanting slogans against the provincial government led by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI). Many termed this a step towards women empowerment and emancipation in Chitral. And at the protest were, among others, the JI leaders. The initiative taken by JI Chitral will be instrumental in women empowerment and grooming the university girls through such activities, especially in a male-dominated society like Chitral where women can only be seen talking behind closed doors. The girls who thronged to Atlaeeq Bazaar, a marketplace where a woman could hardly be seen walking on foot, passionately listened to a hard-hitting speech delivered by former member National Assembly Mualana Abdul Akbar Chitrali. Maulana Chitrali negated the very impression of being a hardliner and his party of being accused of discouraging women from taking part in politics. The step taken by the JI leader will go a long way in making the backward women self-sufficient by raising voice through such forums for their rights instead of relying on men. The rally should have been addressed by Bibi Fozia, member provincial assembly, who has especially been handpicked by PTI chairman Imran Khan. However, the lady lawmaker preferred to stay away. Saleem Khan and Sardar Hussain, the MPAs of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) – a centre-left, progressive democratic political party – have also failed to even slightly implement their charismatic leader Benazir Bhutto’s motto of women empowerment. Lack of patronage is one of the factors Chitrali woman still lag behind in politics despite holding higher educational qualifications than men. A comparatively less qualified Lakshen Bibi can better represent the people than a university qualified Bibi Fozia as she has more exposure to the outside world.students “For a woman doing politics in Chitral is the most difficult thing. You cannot succeed in politics unless you don’t have a strong backing. If I’m alive in Chitral’s politics it’s because I’ve some ghundas,” remarked a female political worker who declined to be named. She said the exploitation of the women particularly when they go outside Chitral for education, jobs, etc. was mainly due to the lack of awareness as they remained confined to their homes. “Most of the women in Chitral are comparatively shy compared to their counterparts in Gilgit-Baltistan. They don’t have confidence and we ourselves are responsible for making our daughters as parasites,” she lamented.  ]]>

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  1. @Danish.
    How dare i argue against a university teacher’s insider view.
    “Hum Batlayen to Kahani or hai”
    “Yaar Loogon ke zubani or hai”
    it is good if we can get a full-fledged one.But all these protests are only a publicity campaign.One need to work on policy level, simply coming into the streets is not going to work at all.Simply hanging banners in PIA chowk will not work, consolidated effort needed in this regard.Iet me reiterate that demanding a university is not IRRATIONAL, but certainly ‘timing’ consideration is necessary.

  2. @ Shamil! I agree with everything you have said about the up-gradation of the existing campuses. But let me tell you that demanding an independent and a full-fledged university in Chitral is not irrational or premature any way. Being a university teacher myself let me tell you that Chitral DOES have the potential enough to feed two independent universities at the same time. Let me raise your brow by telling you (as an insider) that a whopping amount of about Rs.1500 million revenue goes from Chitral to the university in Dir Upper. But does Chitral get a proportionate treatment??? A big ‘NO’ is the answer. Apart from all this if Dir (Lower and Upper), with hardly a few colleges, can claim and are given TWO more universities in the current PTI-govt budget, then why can’t Chitral do so??? There are as many as 70 colleges in Chitral, plus more than 15000 private candidates appearing in BA and MA annually. It is high time to get an independent university established in Chitral. Enough with the exploitations and discrimination at the hands of both SBBU and AWKU.

  3. I think it is better to protest for acquiring best facilities for SBBU and Abdul Wali Khan campus in chitral, rather going after a futile expedition of establishing a full-fledged University in Chitral. It is not irrational to demand for a university, but keeping in view ground realities it is better to struggle for the up gradation of the already existing campuses. A famous adage says “Vaysiru sayurjo sar dosiru Kishipi Jam”. Can anyone ask from our leadership including the honourable Moulana that what they did for the already existing campuses in Chitral. According to the worthy educationist Dr. Faizi the campuses in chitral experience serious shortfalls. Our leadership should work to improve them first, than embark on to demand a full-fledged one.
    A step towards women empowerment is a nice step by Moulana.However, protest for doable and achievable endeavor is highly recommended.

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