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Prime Minister has no time to visit Chitral

DROSH, Jan 27: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has no time to visit Chitral because he has to attend some of the major issues related to law and order situation in the country. His expected arrival in the valley on Tuesday was on Monday cancelled, sources here told ChitralToday on Monday. nawaz sharifThe prime minister was expected to land at the Lowari Tunnel and take a briefing on the project and later visit Chitral. A welcome reception was being arranged in which representatives of all political parties and elites of the district were to be invited. Chief Minister Pervez Khattak was also due in Chitral to welcome the prime minister. The people of Chitral were expecting that the prime minister would announce allocation of funds for the stalled projects, especially the Lowari Tunnel and a number of important road works in the valley. A source in the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chitral said the visit of the prime minister had been postponed to next Monday. However, he added that it was not confirmed whether Mr Sharif would be visiting Chitral after a week or in the near future.]]>

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