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Experts discuss quality management with school principals

BOONI, March 10: A seminar on quality management was organized for school principals of upper Chitral in Booni on Saturday. seminarThe event was arranged by the Association For Academic Quality (AFAQ) at a local hotel. Speaking on the occasion, AFAQ Coordinator Mr Alamgir shared with the participants, including principals and teachers from the public and private schools of upper Chitral, the objectives of holding the seminar. He said the the system already in place in the country needed to be purposefully used for upgrading it to a certain level that can meet international standards by implementing quality management strategies. The key speaker on the occasion, Dr. Amir Zeb, the General Manager of AFAQ, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Gilgit-Baltistan, while referring to a report of co-chairman of Pakistan Education Board said the education sector was declining, people rather choose low-profile private schools than the government institutions. There may have been more chances of 70 million youths trapped into a quagmire in coming two decades. Giving the reference of eight quality principles, he said that it was the system that made the employees a good leader that they think about to develop the future, meeting with the challenges and threats. It us the duty of school leaders to ‘do(ing) right thing right the first time, always striving for improvement and always satisfying the customers’ shouldering the target that they have to achieve. Focus on market demands, needs and expectation that will attract customers and develop quality. While giving the example of ISO standard of quality principles he said that the best practice should be used to bring things in writing, set standard, implement, check and improve it in management. Speaking about the eight principles of customer care, leadership, involvement of people, process approach, system approach to management, continual improvement, factual approach to decision making and mutual beneficial supplier relationships he said that (TQM) total, quality and management   brings a degree of excellence in the methodological frame of managing and aligning all activities in their organization to the improved level of customer’s satisfaction. “Process approach of continual improvement, plan, do, check and act in process will bring the learning Institution and process in the right direction towards a goal” With concluding remarks he said.–Alhaj Muhammad Khan]]>

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