Garam Chashma road: Plaque opened by minister smashed

CHITRAL, March 7: The plaque for the inauguration of Chitral-Garam Chashma road at Singur unveiled by provincial minister Salim Khan was smashed and uprooted by unidentified persons on Wednesday night. The provincial minister, who is also the president of the district chapter of PPP, had inaugurated the work on the road the same day. This was the second incident of its nature. The workers of Awami National Party had also removed the plaque unveiled by the minister. The ANP workers were of the view that the development funds for the uplift projects had been provided by the chief minister. When the district president of ANP Syed Muzaffar Ali Shah Jan was contacted, he disowned the act of uprooting the plaque and said that the ANP always acted in broad daylight. He said that the minister had tried to befool and hoodwink the local people as there was not a single penny released for the project and secondly the project had been announced by the chief minister, not the minister. Mr. Jan said the provincial minister had failed to serve the people who had elected him from Chitral and now he was employing such tactics to salvage his image.–Zahiruddin]]>

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